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5 killed and 3 injured during the shooting in America

Eviralnews, American media reported that 3 people were wounded and 5 others were killed, including the attacker, during a shooting at the crowd in Florence, Kentucky.

The condition of the injured people during this shooting that happened at night in a house in northern Kentucky is reported to be serious.

The rise of armed violence in the United States is such that every week we see bloody shootings in some part of the United States. These shootings in public places such as schools, shopping malls and churches have increased dramatically.

It is said that the high number of shootings in America has caused people's anxiety and insecurity and has started many political discussions. Critics accuse pro-gun Republican extremists of treacherously collaborating with gun lobbies.

In recent years, anti-gun lobby groups have gained influence in America, but at the top of politics, due to the balance of power in the Senate and systemic constraints, not much has been done. So the Republicans are still on the side of the gun owners and the Democrats are getting nowhere with their projects.

Some say, Biden could simply issue executive orders, or declare a public health emergency, and take countermeasures given the toll of gun violence. However, in both cases, this would be easy to undo and the next election is only a few months away.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is one of the most powerful non-governmental organizations in the country, representing the interests of gun owners and those who deem it necessary.

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