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6 best romantic series of 2024 so far; From My Lady Jane to Queen Of Tears

Your day The year 2024 has introduced some attractive romantic series so far, which are the best of this genre so far this year. From book adaptations like One Day to charming historical retellings like My Lady Jane, the midway point of 2024 has brought a wide range of TV romances. A few series in recent years have been the main source of popular discussion among soap opera fans, such as One Day, a new adaptation of David Nichols' book, and the third season of popular royal romance series Bridgerton, which continued to develop Colin and Penelope's relationship. has been accompanied

Romantic series, the best romantic series of 2024

Other romance series are also recent releases that are sure to catch the attention of romance fans, including My Lady Jane, which rewrites the famous Lady Jane Grey. In addition to this classic love story, Maxton Hall: The World Between Us also explores the relationship between two opposites. Each of these series has highly relatable casts that help tell different love stories on screen and cement 2024 as a great year for romantic series. This is you and these 6 best romantic series of 2024 so far!

6- Mary & George

Romantic series, the best romantic series of 2024

Nicholas Galitzin has proven to be a strong romantic lead over the past few years with career-boosting roles in films like Red, White & Royal Blue and The Idea of ​​You. The second film was released this year, but before that, Galitzin starred in the Starz miniseries Mary & George opposite Julianne Moore. This historical drama is based on the book The King's Assassin by Benjamin Woolley. Both the book and serial version detail the historical relationship between James VI and I (Tony Curran) and the first Duke of Buckingham, George Villiers.

Moore and Galitzin play the role of mother and son, and these are the two roles that provide the best performances in the series with their acting skills. In the Mary and George miniseries, the two work together to raise themselves to a higher social status. This is accomplished by developing a love affair between George Villiers and King James I – a plan hatched by his mother.

Galitzin turns out to be a fascinating lead as the romantic lead and climax of George's story over the course of seven episodes of Mary and George, and watching him increasingly align with his mother's scheme makes for a thrilling viewing experience. Moore portrays her dramatic role with ease, expertly playing the shrewd Countess of Buckingham. It is difficult to empathize with the main characters of the series, Mary and George, but this does not prevent it from being a pleasant viewing experience. Various love scenes and Villiers' scheming nature make Mary & George a daring romantic series and an engaging viewing experience.

5- Maxton Hall: The World Between Us

Romantic series, the best romantic series of 2024

Amazon's Maxton Hall: The World Between Us is a standard romance series, but that's what makes it such a successful romance series. Maxton Hall differs in several ways from Mona Kasten's book Save Me, on which the German series is based. These changes help improve the romance and communication between Maxton Hall's main characters, Ruby (Harriet Herbig-Matten) and James (Damien Hardong). Maxton Hall does not break the mold of the romance genre, but skillfully showcases the best parts of this well-known genre.

With only six episodes, Maxton Hall's character development is rapid but keeps the audience on edge. Maxton Hall pulls out the best of romantic clichés, such as two opposites being forced to work together, resulting in an unlikely bond. Ruby and James begin the series as polar opposites, not only in their upbringing and family life, but even in their goals.

As Maxton Hall continues, the two accept each other more and a palpable connection forms between them. The successful release of the first episode of Maxton Hall was the best start of any non-American series on Amazon. After this success and high viewership, a second season of Maxton Hall was quickly ordered, and fans' questions at the end of season 1 will be answered sooner than expected.

4- My Lady Jane

Romantic series, the best romantic series of 2024

Many series based on historical events have more or less creative liberties to better structure the events and adapt them to the structure of a TV series. Prime Video's My Lady Jane continues this pattern, following in the footsteps of similar series like Dickinson and The Great, which mix comedy elements into the lives of famous historical figures. However, My Lady Jane goes a few steps further by changing the established world of historical drama.

The romance series My Lady Jane is based on the novel by Brody Ashton, Cynthia Hand and Judy Meadows, which depicts the life of Lady Jane Gray in a new way. Part of this new imagery is the inclusion of fantasy and magical elements in the form of humans with shape-shifting powers who are hostile to ordinary citizens. These two opposing sides represent the real conflict between Protestants and Catholics.

The animosity and conflict between these two different groups of people is the main focus of My Lady Jane series, but there are still many romantic sequences between the main characters of the story, Lady Jane Gray (Emily Bader) and Lord Guildford Dudley (Edward Blumel). The mutual attraction between Bader and Blumel is easy to feel and goes well with the major conflict between the Verities and the Etiennes in the series. My Lady Jane covers a fair amount of content from the original book in its first season, but that's only the first half of the book. This leaves the door open for a potential second season of the series that will continue these English adventures.

3- Queen Of Tears

Romantic series, the best romantic series of 2024

With the finale episode achieving the highest number of viewers on tvN, Queen of Tears is one of the best Korean dramas of 2024. While there are many reasons for the success of Queen of Tears, one of the most important reasons for its popularity is the series' main characters, played by Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won. These actors are familiar faces in the world of Korean dramas and have an undeniable mutual attraction as a couple with marriage problems trying to save their relationship.

While most Korean romantic dramas follow the story of a couple falling in love, the narrative of this love affair in Queen of Tears sets it apart from other series. The on-screen relationship between Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won feels very alive and believable. The mutual tension between the two is consistent with the series' shifting tones. One minute, the audience is laughing at the sweet interaction between the couple, and the next, they are crying in front of their screens in one of the saddest scenes of the Queen of Tears.

In both cases, it doesn't take much effort to show emotion thanks to Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won's talent. In addition to its effortless blend of comedy and drama, Queen of Tears has a cast of outstanding and capable actors who have previously starred in various Korean dramas. With such a strong character pairing and narrative, dealing with side characters can be dangerous. However, every character in Queen of Tears is written and performed perfectly, which makes their time in the series to be noticed and admired.

2- Bridgerton

Romantic series, the best romantic series of 2024

The third season of Bridgerton was released in two parts this year and focused on the long-awaited relationship between Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin (Luke Newton). Although Coughlan and Newton have been in the story since the beginning of the series, Season 3 of Bridgerton is where they really get to shine, both as individual actors and in their irresistible mutual attraction on screen. Bridgerton is best known for his dramatic portrayal of gentry society and love – all of which culminate in season three.

There are some interesting subplots this season, including the sexual adventures of Benedict (Luke Thompson), but the heart of Season 3 is the growing romance between Penelope and Colin. The intimate scenes between them add to a collection of Bridgerton's most romantic scenes. It is through these scenes that fans of the couple celebrate their love affair, and more than that, Penelope's character development.

The confidence that the former Fetherington gains throughout the season, especially through his interactions with Colin, is well-narrated and amazing to watch. Additionally, Penelope and Elvis' friendship is tested in Season 3, largely due to the former's secret identity as Lady Whistledown. This secret was kept under wraps for most of the series, and adds a twist to Penelope's most important relationship that makes the drama all the more enjoyable.

1- One Day

Romantic series, the best romantic series of 2024

Despite being the second adaptation of David Nichols' 2009 novel of the same name, One Day remains as harrowing as if it were the first time it was told. The Netflix series follows the decades-long relationship between Emma Morley (Ambika Madd) and Dexter Mayhew (Leo Woodall), who call each other on a special day every year. At their annual reunion, the audience feels helpless and devastated as the two are never in the right place when the other needs them. Whether it's during their conversation, friendship, or romance, the mutual pull between Maud and Woodall is great. Their relationship is believable both in the form of sexual tension and in understanding each other, which is achieved by the friendship of their characters for many years.

As much as there is romance in One Day, there is an ever-present theme of maturity. Both Dex and Emma try to find themselves in the 14 episodes of One Day, where they each face difficulties in their other relationships and careers. Because of everything they've been through, the end of the day becomes a little more poignant and touching. For the audience who are familiar with the 2011 film adaptation of this story called One Day or the original book, the ending of this series was expected, but that doesn't make it less shocking and impactful. Critically, One Day has been a hit for Netflix with a 91% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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