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A look at lesser-known games from major franchises

In this article, we are going to discuss lesser-known games from big gaming franchises that you probably haven't even heard of until today.


If you have ever looked at the past of some of the big and famous franchises of today's video game industry, you have definitely seen names and titles that you were not familiar with or were completely unaware of their existence. The births of each of these franchises return. The reason for this is that the majority of companies and studios at the beginning of the emerging franchise era do not have a detailed plan for its future, and therefore when the initial titles suddenly became very popular, these creators tried to use this popularity and success to the extent possible. They may offer distinct and different games from that series and attract different audiences from different parts of the gaming industry as much as possible.

Today, we are going to discuss some of these works, which are generally not known by the general audience, despite being part of a very famous franchise.

The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey

A look at lesser known games from big franchises - Eviralnews

A long time ago, during one of the retrogame item episodes, we discussed some unknown consoles, among which there was a console called N-Gage, which, of course, cannot even be called a perfect console. N-Gage was actually a mobile/console hybrid that was released by Nokia in 2003 and about a year later The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey was released as an exclusive game for this device, so if the name of this work has ever been No wonder you haven't heard of it.

The production team of this work was 15 people, which actually consisted of different people from the teams of Vir2L Studios, Bethesda Softworks, TKO and Nokia, who finally made this title within 9 months. This game offered a first-person experience in the Elder Scrolls franchise, which, of course, was not necessarily a good experience; Gamespot's reviewer at the time criticized the game's combat system and controls, stating that the N-Gage crippled the game.

In general, N-Gage was not a good console and it never achieved any particular success, the small screen and the way its buttons are placed in general made the experience of various games on it extremely annoying, and Shadowkey was no exception. Since the N-Gage was only three years old, today it is known as a rare console whose games are even rarer than itself, and in the meantime, Shadowkey has become the rarest version of the Elder Scrolls franchise that has ever been ported to any other platform. It didn't happen.

Command & Conquer: Renegade

A look at lesser known games from big franchises - Eviralnews

Probably all of you have experienced at least one version of Command & Conquer, which is better known as “General” in our country. We all know this series as a strategic franchise in the RTS genre, but you may be interested to know that in 2002, this series received a version called Renegade, which extended all its attractive and strategic features to a first-person/third-person structure. It injected an extremely fresh and engaging experience into the series that remains entertaining and valuable even today.

The game and its events were actually told during the first episode, and put the player in the role of a captain under the GDI flag named Nick “Havoc” Parker, who must find and rescue three high-ranking GDI scientists who have been kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Nod. . The game used Westwood's proprietary engine called “Renegade Engine”, which actually provided various features, including realistic physics and seamless movement between indoor and outdoor environments, which eventually served as the basis for the SAGE engine for future versions of the franchise. was taken

In general, the game received good marks from critics, but nevertheless it did not necessarily become a favorable success for EA, and some time after the release of the game, its developer studio, Westwood, was also closed forever. Nevertheless, this work was one of those games that was able to attract an interested community and become a cult work, so that in 2014, an independent studio called Totem Arts recreated this work using Unreal Engine 3. made it available to fans and even today it is still releasing updates and content for it.

Dino Stalker

A look at lesser known games from big franchises - Eviralnews

If you are familiar with Capcom's Gun Survivor game series, which actually focused exclusively on RE, you have probably heard the name of this work; Dino Stalker is actually the third entry in the Dino Crisis franchise and is a Light Gun Shooter experience under the Gun Survivor banner, which is ironically the only game in the series that is not a subset of the Resident Evil franchise. This work was released in 2002 for the PS2 console and, unlike Dino Crisis 3, it was a continuation of the second part and even contained one of the survivors of the second part.

This work followed an interesting narrative; You play as Mike Wired, a World War II pilot who is mysteriously transported to the future of the second timeline moments before falling from the sky in 1943. After killing some dinosaurs, Mike manages to meet Paula, who survived the events of the second episode, and after that, with the help of her father, Dylan, they find their way in the environment and try to survive this alien environment. to take

In general, the different titles of the Gun Survivor series were always extremely interesting to me, and even a work like RE: Dead Aim is considered one of my favorite subsidiary works of Resident Evil, because all of these works are generally interesting stories and approaches to the structure and even the narrative. They have their own original franchise and they look extremely distinctive, and Dino Stalker is no exception in this regard. Unfortunately, Dino Stalker didn't get good grades, but I personally think that it is a work that can be attractive to return and experience, especially for old fans of Dino Crisis who missed it.

Silent Hill: The Arcade

A look at lesser known games from big franchises - Eviralnews

Silent Hill: The Arcade, as the name suggests, is a spin-off in the SH franchise for arcade machines, which if you ask me is one of the most pointless works that can be made in a series like Silent Hill. This work is an On Rail Shooter title released by Konami in 2007 and it was almost everything that a Silent Hill work should not be.

This title is officially House of The Dead with a Silent Hill cover, which of course also goes through a story process. In this game, you play as two characters, Eric and Tina, who set foot in Silent Hill to find the meaning behind Eric's nightmare of a girl and a ship, and along the way, they have to fight a lot of familiar monsters from this series. . In a franchise whose least valuable part is the action and aggressive dimensions, we saw the release of a work that was all focused on these dimensions!

Like I said, this spin-off was only available on arcade cabinets, so it makes sense that you've never heard of it. Silent Hill: The Arcade is one of Konami's dumbest decisions for the series during that time period that didn't even matter to those who knew about it.

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars

A look at lesser known games from big franchises - Eviralnews

The game Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is a work that probably very few of you have heard of because this work was one of the few desirable works when the Nintendo 3DS console was released. Personally, I managed to experience this work a few years ago and I really enjoyed it because it implemented a very interesting idea in this series, which made me wonder why Ubisoft had not thought of making such a work earlier.

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is actually not a tactical first-person shooter like its older brothers, but a Turn Based Strategy, which was released a year before one of the most prominent works of this genre, XCOM! It is interesting to know that the producer of this work was none other than Julian Gollop, who is known today as the father of the XCOM franchise! This work, in turn, had interesting distinctions with other titles of this genre in its period; For example, the lowness and elevation of the ground or taking cover were very important dimensions in the experience of this work, and mechanisms such as Support Fire also increased the strategic lines of thought of this work.

Finally, this work managed to receive very good scores, especially at the beginning of the life of the 3DS console, and the fans of the franchise enjoyed this different experience to a great extent.

Battles Of Prince Of Persia

A look at lesser known games from big franchises - Eviralnews

As far as Ubisoft is concerned, I would like to mention another very unknown game from one of their big franchises, and that is Battles Of Prince Of Persia for the Nintendo DS console, which was released in 2005. This game, like Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, is a turn-based strategy game, in fact, its story is like a bridge between the two versions of The Sands of Time and Warrior Within, and it puts you not only in the role of the prince, but also various other characters. .

The gameplay of the game revolves around a card mechanism in which the player must advance the game using the cards he has; Each of these cards has a picture and a number, which is actually directly connected to their two main uses, so that the player can either use the power of the card, and the use of the number determines the number of commands that the player can give during each hour. which is actually divided into game rounds every hour.

The least that can be said about this experience from the Prince Of Persia series is that it is very different from everything that this franchise has offered up until then and since, and while it is not necessarily a “successful” work, but Definitely worth a try if you own a Nintendo DS.


A look at lesser known games from big franchises - Eviralnews

In the past, during the special Doom episode in the retrogame item of DOOM RPG, we talked about some of its interesting connections and features; While this work has remained very unknown until today, it is considered one of the most interesting works of this series, which contained some attractive and unique features. This version was developed exclusively for mobile phones by Fountainhead Entertainment and released in 2005.

As the name of this work suggests, DOOM RPG is a first-person shooter experience with role-playing elements, which happens to be Turn Based! I think these descriptions alone are enough to show how special and distinctive this game is, but I must note that this game doesn't just want to be distinctive, but all approaches have been taken considering the limitations of the target platform, and even some very interesting decisions in this version. It is taken that it is not so common in the franchise as a whole.

For example, DOOM RPG has a very high focus on its overall story and narrative; The story of the game and its events are largely similar to the third part, and you are in the role of BJ Blazkowicz (the name is familiar, isn't it?!) and you have to stop the attack of the infernals on one of the UAC bases on Mars. Of course, I tried to summarize the generalities very much, but this is not the whole story, and during the game you will meet with various characters, including Dr. You meet Jensen, Guerard, and Nadira, each of whom plays an important role and directly affects the overall plot.

DOOM RPG won several awards including “2005 Mobile Game of the Year” and “2005 Adventure/RPG of the Year” and received very good scores. This version is truly a work lost in time that even to this day can provide a very attractive and distinct experience in the DOOM franchise, and in fact, it is one of those unknown works that was unfortunately forgotten in its destination platform, while It was a very quality and interesting experience.

closing remarks

As you have seen and read in this article today, there are many blind spots in big franchises that you will not necessarily know about until you look for them. Some of these unknown works were indeed quality and well-made titles that even sometimes offered different experiences in their franchises, but remained unknown for various reasons, including the destination platform and lack of access to it, or a smaller scale and, as a result, less advertising. Meanwhile, there were other titles that remained unknown for legitimate reasons, because sometimes they were useless, low-quality, or so-called uninspired experiences that even those who experienced them could hardly find clear memories of these experiences in their minds. they do.

But in the end, have you users experienced any of these works? If the answer is yes, share your experience and if not, tell which of the mentioned works are the most attractive to you.

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