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Acknowledgment of the English media: the Israeli army has killed its soldiers

Eviralnews, one day after the Israel newspaper revealed the actions of the Israeli regime on the day of the Al-Aqsa storm, an English website also wrote that the army of this regime had subjected its soldiers to severe attacks on the day that Hamas started this operation. Is.

The Middle East Eye website wrote: On the day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation (October 15th of last month), a crazy hysteria had reigned over the Israeli army, and for this reason, it issued a broad order that allowed all the soldiers of this regime to be “citizens of Israel” on that day. kill

It was according to this order that the Air Force of the Israeli regime targeted and bombed at least three bases and military positions in the Hamas attack.

According to this report, the Israeli army has massively targeted the border area between the occupied territories and the Gaza Strip, while the Palestinian resistance forces were taking Israeli prisoners into Gaza.

Apart from this, a few hours after the start of the Hamas attack on the Israeli regime army, the army commanders of this regime issued orders to prevent their soldiers from being captured by any means possible, even if they had to kill them for this.

The Hebrew newspaper Ha'aretz revealed yesterday Sunday: The research conducted citing the statements of the soldiers and senior officers of the Israeli army, shows that this army used the Hannibal protocol in various places around the Gaza Strip from the early hours of the Hamas attack until the afternoon of October 7, 2023. protocol and doctrine that believes that a dead soldier is better than a captured soldier.

On Saturday, October 15, the Gaza resistance groups, led by Hamas, launched an operation known as Al-Aqsa Storm in defense of Al-Aqsa Mosque against the actions and attacks of the Israels, during which the resistance was able to penetrate into the 1948 territories and hundreds of Israel soldiers kill or capture This operation was a combination of land, air, sea and missile operations, and according to Israels and observers, it was the most unprecedented anti-Israeli operation in the history of the occupation of Palestinian lands in the past seven decades.

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