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All of France is worried about Mbappe: Killian is half!

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According to “Eviralnews“, Kylian Mbappe's physical condition is currently the main concern of the French team. The striker once again underperformed against Portugal, to the point where he had to ask to be substituted at the end of the first extra time, an unusual situation for a player like him.

Euro 2024 has not gone well for Mbappe so far on an individual basis. He arrived in Germany with knee and back problems, and in addition, he left the field with a broken nose in the first game against Austria. Although surgery was the most recommended, Mbappe postponed the surgery so that he could continue to play in the European Cup.

Not having surgery along with physical problems has completely diminished his role and quality. Mbappe has lost his explosive power and is no longer a fast and active star on the field. Last night, Deschamps himself admitted after the match against Portugal that Mbappe is not in his best physical condition.

Mbappe's frustration against Portugal was such that he said in the first overtime, “Enough is enough.” In the second half, Bernardo Silva's header hit him in the nose. Fear took over Killian's whole existence, but he could not return to the game.

When Mbappe sat on the bench, he also put an ice pack on his nose to make it clear that the impact had taken its toll. In a match where Mbappe didn't score but France won on penalties, the team gave him a poor score of 2. Kylian will still have a chance to show off in the semi-final against France.

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