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Arrest of 1500 protestors of the election results in Mauritania

Eviralnews, the 8th Mauritanian presidential election was held on Saturday two weeks ago, during which seven candidates, including the current president “Mohammed Wold Sheikh Ghazvani”, competed with each other.

At the end of this competition, Sheikh Ghazvani won 56% of the votes and entered the presidential palace, and the activist “Biram Wold Dah Obidi” won the second place with 22% of the votes.

Accusing the Independent Election Committee of a coup against the will of the voters, this lawyer called his followers to civil disobedience.

“Biram Wold Dah Obeidi” who did not accept the results of the Mauritanian presidential election, said: During the peaceful demonstration of the citizens protesting the results of the presidential election, the police and security forces arrested 1500 of them.

Taking part in a press conference in the Mauritanian capital, he said: the number of people arrested in Nouakchott (the capital) is more than 1000 people, in addition to the police and security forces in the city of “Nawadhibo” 300 people, in the city of “Silbabi” 200 people and He has arrested 100 people in Rasu city.

According to Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper, this Mauritanian lawyer stated: The police arrested all these people on the charge of creating chaos and disrupting the public order of the city, and this is while they are protesting “manipulation and fraud in the election results” in the demonstrations. They had participated peacefully.

Accusing the Mauritanian interior minister of violence against the demonstrators, he said: This minister advises “Mohammed Ould Sheikh Ghazwani” to use violence and prison instead of dialogue and peaceful solutions.

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