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Arshavin: I don't care about England, but Spain is good!

Eviralnews, Andrei Arshavin said on the eve of the Euro 2024 semi-final matches: I watched most of the matches of this cup and it was expected that France and England would play good football. Germany had lazy football but Spain makes me happy.

The former Arsenal striker noted: There are new players in the Spanish team, you see a lot of dribbling and there is no big feeling. Switzerland played well and Mamardashvili (Georgia's goalkeeper) was excellent. England has problems in terms of coaching and necessary support. This problem is more visible in the trainer section. No matter what line-up England have, they are essentially playing for nothing. If they win the championship, the dullness of their game will be justified, because the result will decide everything.

In the end, Arshavin said: I don't care about England and watching the football of this team with such players is not interesting.

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, Spain will play France and England will play Holland in the semi-final stage of Euro 2024.

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