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Astro's Playroom update brings a new robot from Returnal

In the new update of Astro's Playroom, the character Selene from Returnal is added to this work.


While the wait for Astro Bot's release continues, Asobi Studio's latest update for Astro's Playroom is now available. Like last month, this update adds a new robot based on one of the PlayStation characters to the game that players can find. After Lady Maria from Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, this time Selene, the main character of Returnal, has been added to these robots.

As mentioned on the PlayStation blog, finding this robot is not an easy task and players must first solve a puzzle. Considering that fans of the game managed to find Lady Maria in less than three hours, it may be more challenging to find Celine this time. Also, new artifacts have been made available in the PlayStation Lab (PlayStation Labo), which are worth visiting.

According to the news, two more bots will be added to the game in August and September, and upon finding them, players can move these bots into Astro Bot as their starting group. Of course, if you are not interested in solving puzzles, don't worry. Astro Bot has over 300 bots that you can collect, and over 150 of them are based on PlayStation characters.

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