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Awful, awful: 6 hours without orange flowers (photo)

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According to “Eviralnews“, the second and last game of the first day of the quarter-final stage of Euro 2024 started at 22:30 last night at Volks Park Stadium, and the national teams of Portugal and France did not reach a better result than a goalless draw at the end of a 120-minute effort. to go to penalty kicks. In this section, which was considered the end of a grueling marathon, the French national team defeated Portugal 5-3 and eliminated Ronaldo's assistants. Portugal's penalty was missed by Joao Felix.

The reflection of this defeat was widespread in Portuguese sports newspapers.

Ebola hit the headlines: 6 hours without a goal and plans to score


From the final group game against Georgia until last night, Portugal did not manage to score again during the game. They lost to Georgia by two goals and beat Slovenia on penalties, effectively two 120-minute knockout games without scoring.

Record: Sad (playing under the name of Felix)


Ojugo: The End (French subtitles)


Corriere de Mania: Goodbye Portugal


Source : Varzesh3

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