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Bellingham said his favorite opponent in the finals

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According to “Eviralnews“, Jude Bellingham reached the semi-finals of the Euro yesterday with England. They managed to pass the Swiss barrier in the penalty shootout and now they have to face the Netherlands. The winner will face the winner of the France-Spain match.

At the end of the English game, the English star of Real Madrid answered the TVE reporter's questions in Spanish and said about his favorite opponent for the final: “Hopefully we can beat the Netherlands and then I'd like to face Spain. Spain has played very well in this tournament, so anything is possible. Of course, my focus now is on the next England game.”

Judd also praised Jordan Pickford, who took a penalty“We are proud of Pifcord and we are all happy for him. He had been working on penalties and luckily he got a decisive shot. We owe the climb to him.”

Source : Varzesh3

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