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Bellingham's big slander against the referee of England-Netherlands match

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According to “Varzeh Se”, 43-year-old Zweier was banned for 6 months in 2005 due to his involvement in the match-fixing scandal in Germany. At that time, he admitted to accepting bribes from his fellow referee, Robert Heuser. This happened 4 years before Zweier's first judgment in the Bundesliga. Heuser was at the center of the €2 million match-fixing scandal in the second division of German football.

However, after serving his ban in 2005, Xavier was allowed to return to professional football and was added to FIFA's international referee list in 2012. Last year, he refereed the UEFA Nations League final match between Croatia and Spain.

Zweier's suspension was initially kept secret by the German Football Association, but was finally published in 2014 by Die Zeit newspaper. By then, Zweier had returned to the world of professional football and was recognized as one of Germany's most trusted referees, but his past had soured the players.

In 2021, Jude Bellingham, then playing for Borussia Dortmund, expressed his anger at Zweier after penalty appeals were turned down and a penalty instead awarded to Bayern Munich in Dortmund's 3–2 loss.

Bellingham said angrily. “You choose a referee with a history of match-fixing for Germany's most important game? What do you expect? I don't think it was a penalty. Hummels wasn't even looking at the ball and was trying to get possession of it when it hit him. You can tell a lot of Look at the refereeing decisions in this game.”

Following his post-match comments, Bellingham was convicted of “unsportsmanlike conduct” by the German Sports Court and fined €40,000.

The England midfielder has scored two vital goals for England at Euro 2024, but has looked tired at times in a sluggish England side. However, despite these problems, his side are just 90 minutes away from reaching the final of a second consecutive European Championship.

Source : Varzesh3

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