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Biden admits to being “stupid” at the debate

According to ISNA's online news report, last Thursday night “Joe Biden”, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party and the oldest president in the history of the United States, and “Donald Trump”, his Republican rival, held the first debate of the 2024 presidential election. During the 90-minute debate with Trump, Biden appeared confused many times by making unintelligible and half-finished sentences, breaking his train of thought and strange silences. Biden's poor showing, after a series of frequent public gaffes throughout his presidency that have called his physical and mental health into question, has raised alarm bells for many Democratic and Republican political figures and commentators in the United States. and many of them demanded that Biden withdraw from the election.

In one of the first public comments he made after the debate, Joe Biden admitted that he was “stupid” in the debate. “I had a bad night,” he said in a pre-recorded interview with Earl Ingram that aired Thursday morning local time. The truth is, I messed up. I made a mistake. This was for a 90-minute appearance on the debate stage. But look at what I have done in the last three and a half years.”

Biden also emphasized that despite the widespread requests from many of his party members and Democratic supporters to withdraw from the election race and allow another Democratic candidate to appear in his place, he will remain in the race.

Biden also tried to highlight some of his actions in the presidency, including efforts to interact with minority communities and the appointment of prominent black judges.

“I chose a black woman to be vice president,” Biden said. I appointed the first black female Supreme Court justice. “I have appointed more black men and women as judges than any other president in American history.”

In this 20-minute interview, an excerpt of which was broadcast by the “Milwaukee Journal Sentinel” website, Biden addressed Trump's racist remarks during the debate and his claim that “immigrants in America are taking the jobs of blacks and Latinos.” “He reacted and said: I'm sorry for getting so angry, but he has acted horribly towards this group and has no interest or concern for black and minority communities.”

The interview was recorded on the same day that Biden met with 24 Democratic governors across the United States in an effort to quell concerns about his presidential bid.

According to “USA Today”, several of these governors said after the meeting that they still support Biden's candidacy.

“Paltico” magazine also wrote that during this meeting, Biden told these Democratic governors that he had a medical examination after the debate with Trump and that he is in good health.

The “Washington Post” newspaper also reported, quoting its sources, that on Wednesday, Biden and his senior team accepted the condition of the Democratic Party to show his sufficiency for the presidency or face an attempt to remove him from the election race.


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