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Biden and Netanyahu's conversation about the possible ceasefire negotiations and the agreement on the release of prisoners

Eviralnews, a White House official told reporters on Thursday local time that Vice President Kamala Harris was also present in this conversation.

An Israeli source familiar with the negotiations also told CNN that the call came as Israel and Hamas appeared to be on the verge of reaching a framework for an agreement.

According to IRNA; He added that Hamas recently responded to Qatari and Egyptian mediators on the framework, a move that Israeli officials believe will enable the two sides to hold detailed talks to reach an agreement. However, the agreement is not yet final or guaranteed.

CNN previously reported that Washington recently proposed a new formula to help resolve the dispute. The tone of the proposal focused on the period in the first phase of the proposal, when Israel and Hamas are expected to conduct further negotiations with the aim of moving to the second phase of the agreement.

A US official said that Hamas's response appeared to be constructive. The Israeli official, who asked not to be named, also told CNN that Netanyahu will hold a cabinet meeting on Thursday night.

Biden and Netanyahu last spoke on May 6.

A source familiar with the matter previously told CNN that Biden and Netanyahu are expected to meet in Washington in the next few weeks. The source said that US and Israeli officials are still working out the details of the meeting between Biden and Netanyahu, which is likely to take place at the White House.

The call also comes as Biden struggles for political survival after a poor performance in a debate with former US President Donald Trump. Biden's handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas remains a concern for many Democrats, including young Democrats.

On Wednesday local time, the American CNN news channel announced, quoting an informed source, that US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are expected to meet in Washington DC in a few weeks.

This meeting will take place when the Prime Minister of Israel travels to the United States to address the Congress on July 24.

The source said that US and Israeli officials are still working out the details of the meeting between Biden and Netanyahu, which is likely to take place at the White House.

A White House official told CNN that Biden has known Netanyahu for decades and “will probably meet with the Israeli prime minister when he's in Washington for a week.” But at the moment we have no further explanation to announce.”

This month's meeting will be held as the cease-fire and prisoner release agreement between Israel and Hamas remain inconclusive, and tensions between Biden and Netanyahu have intensified in recent months, as the United States is increasingly unhappy with the way Israel is conducting the war.

Biden and Netanyahu have spoken regularly by phone since October 7, and their last meeting was a few days after the attack by Hamas-led Palestinian resistance groups in Tel Aviv.

After about 9 months have passed since Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip without results and achievements, this regime is sinking more and more into its internal and external crises. The Prime Minister of Israel is facing extensive domestic pressure, especially from the families of Israeli prisoners, to sign a cease-fire agreement with the Palestinian resistance instead of continuing the war.

While Netanyahu and his allies want the continuation of the war, their opponents insist on a cease-fire and the release of prisoners, and many experts believe that Netanyahu's goal in insisting on the continuation of the war is to preserve political life and avoid prosecution for corruption cases.

The American democratic government considers the actions of Netanyahu's cabinet to be the reason for the tendency of Palestinian youth to resist and as a result hasten the collapse of this regime.


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