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Biden: I will not back down and defeat Trump again

Eviralnews, the President of the United States, who faced the request of political and media elites to withdraw from the election contest, said in a television interview that he will not withdraw and will defeat Trump.

According to Isna, US President Joe Biden and the candidate of the Democratic Party in the 2024 presidential elections of this country said in an interview with the MSNBC TV channel that he will not withdraw from the competition and anyone who wants to stop him should do so at the Democratic Party convention next month. face him

In this interview, which was not announced in advance, Biden said: “I will no longer explain about dos and don'ts. “I'm running and anyone who wants to stand in the way should face me at the Democratic convention in August.”

He also claimed that “ordinary voters” want him to remain in the competition and his opponents are among the political and media elites.

Saying that he doesn't care what Democratic Party figures like Gerald Nadler and media figures think about his ability to compete with Donald Trump, Biden said: “I went to see if I had a drop in popularity among the average voter.” “I don't care what millionaires think.”

Joe Biden and Donald Trump participated in the first debate of the 2024 presidential election on June 27; A 90-minute debate in which Biden made many unintelligible and half-finished sentences and made many gaffes. This poor performance of Biden, along with his frequent gaffes in public, has sounded the alarm for many analysts and Democratic political figures, and many of them have called for Biden to withdraw from the competition. However, today, in a letter to prominent figures of the Democratic Party in the US Congress, Biden emphasized that he has no intention of resigning and asked them to end these discussions in a threatening tone.

In an interview with MSNBC, the President of the United States also referred to the predictions made in the 2022 US Congress elections regarding the possibility of the Republican Party firmly dominating the House of Representatives and the Senate, and said: “They (opponents) were wrong in 2020.” In 2022, they were also wrong about the red wave (popularity of Republicans). They are also wrong about 2024, come with me and see how people react.”

In response to numerous requests for his mental ability test, he finally gave a fairly clear answer and said: “Regarding neurological ability, I did a test in February, the results of which have been published. “I have published all my (medical) records and every day I give a neurology test.”

Biden also considered himself the best option to defeat Trump and said: “He is a liar and has done nothing since the debate until today. For 10 days he has been talking to his rich friends at his golf course in Maralago. I defeated him in the previous elections and I will defeat him this time as well.”


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