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Biden: I'm not quitting, I just need to rest a little

Eviralnews, US President Joe Biden said in a ceremony in front of the White House that he has no intention of resigning, while being exposed to severe criticism from Democrats regarding his physical and mental incapacity to continue the competition.

During a speech at the American Independence Day ceremony in front of the White House, he said: “I will not shrink an inch from my position in the presidential race, and all I need is more sleep and rest.”

Despite requests to withdraw from the presidential race, the American president emphasized that he will continue to fight and in response to one of his supporters who asked him to continue until the end, he said: “I'm not going anywhere, I'm not going anywhere.”

On the other hand, Biden is scheduled to have an interview with ABC today, and according to CNN, this interview can be more difficult for Biden than the debate program with Trump.

CNN also reported that the next 48 hours will be decisive for the continuation of Joe Biden's political life, and every moment of his interview with ABC will be under the microscope.

Joe Biden appeared so weak in a debate with Trump on CNN last week that he has convinced many Democrats to replace him with someone else.

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