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Biden is considering continuing or withdrawing from the election

According to the Tasnim International News Agency, the New York Times wrote: Joe Biden told one of his key allies that he knows that if he cannot convince the public in the coming days that he is ready for this after last week's awful debate, he will not be able to run. save

This American newspaper, quoting the aforementioned Biden ally, continued to write: The president is deeply thinking about re-election, but he knows that the next few appearances during the AT days – including Friday's interview with “ABC News” and campaign trips to Pennsylvania and WISCONSIN – Should be a good one.

According to the New York Times, Biden's conversation with his ally is the first sign that he is seriously considering whether he can recover from a disastrous performance in a CNN debate with Biden. . Concerns are growing about Biden's viability as a candidate and whether he can serve another four years in the White House as president.

Officials of the Biden campaign are worried about the polls, considering that bad numbers in the polls can fuel the crisis. A CBS News poll on Wednesday showed former President Donald Trump leading Biden 50 percent to 48 percent nationally and 51 percent to 48 percent in swing states since the debate.

At an election event in Virginia, Joe Biden blamed his poor performance in the election debates against Donald Trump on lack of sleep.

At the same time, the Democrats have doubts about Biden's presence as a representative of the Democrats in the 2024 elections, and some are looking to ask him to step down.

In a report referring to the Democrats' concern about Biden's weakness in the debates, Reuters states that one of the Democratic representatives of the US House of Representatives has announced that 25 Democratic representatives want Joe Biden to withdraw from the election.

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