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Biden to members of Congress: I will remain a candidate

Eviralnews, Biden addressed the Democrats in the Congress on Monday and said: I held intensive negotiations with the leaders of the Democratic Party and the heads of the congressional commissions regarding the continuation of my candidacy.

While many called Biden a loser after the debate with Trump on CNN two weeks ago, the American president said: I am fully committed to remaining in the 2024 presidential election race and running for it.

In a letter to the Democrats, he emphasized that the party now has one task, and that is to defeat Donald Trump, the likely Republican candidate in the presidential elections in November.

In this letter, he added: We have 42 days until the convention of the Democratic Party and 119 days until the general election. Any weakening of the solution or lack of clarity about this task will only help Trump and hurt us.

Biden also said in an interview with MSNBC that he is sure the average voter still wants him to be the Democratic Party's nominee, but polls show that many see Biden as too old for the presidency.

The American president also said: I will not explain what I should do or what I should not do.

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