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Biden: We will give 5 strategic air defenses to Ukraine

During the NATO summit in Washington, US President Joe Biden claimed that NATO is stronger today than ever before and has the ability to deal with any threat by land, air and sea.

Biden claimed: “Putin will not be satisfied with Ukraine, but Ukraine is capable of confronting and stopping Russia; Putin will lose this war after his army stagnates and his soldiers flee; “Russia will never win this war, but it is Ukraine that will win and win.”

He added: “Today, I am announcing a historic contribution to provide 5 strategic air defense systems to Ukraine.”

Biden then said that Europe and NATO member countries are in a critical situation today and should unite instead of divide.

The NATO meeting was held in Washington today in a situation where the leaders of this alliance are facing a series of concerns, including the possible victory of Trump in the upcoming elections in the United States, as well as the meeting of the leaders of Hungary and India with Putin.

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