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Big controversy in Germany: Kroos was called a racist!

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According to “Eviralnews“, Tony Kroos' recent speech in Germany has become a political issue and different parties from both sides of the political spectrum are trying to exploit it for their own benefit. This made part of the retired German star's speech more tense than he imagined. ,

In an interview with ZDF channel, Tony Kroos said clearly that he has no desire to return to Germany and live in the country where he was born and grew up, and prefers to live in Spain like in the past years. ,

Kroos retired after many years of playing in Madrid at the end of last season, and now that Germany has been eliminated from the competition after losing to Spain in the quarterfinals of the Euro, we will never see Kroos as a player again. He is currently in Germany due to participation in Euro 2024, but he has been living in Madrid for many years. ,

In order to explain why he will not live in Germany, Toni Kroos said that he believed that there was not enough security in this country. He said: “I still believe that Germany is a great country. We enjoy being here, but Germany is no longer the Germany of the past. That is, it has nothing in common with Germany 10 years ago. If someone asks me, I prefer my daughter at 11 o'clock in the evening. Should she go to the streets in Germany or in Spain, I must say, because my daughter will not have any problems in that country. Of course, I do not mean that there are no problems in Spain.” ,

A part of Tony Kroos's words that have made news and have been used by politicians in Germany are the following sentences. Critics say that Kroos criticized the acceptance of immigrants in Germany and this can be considered racism.

Cruz said about this: “I am happy that Germany welcomes people with open arms, but the problem is that there is no control over immigration. We ignore the fact that whoever comes is not necessarily a good person and does not work for our benefit. If we cannot Let's distinguish who is good and who is bad. The result of this situation is that the division between Germans is more and more. Even though I know that we need these people and their coming to Germany It's a good thing, but it can't violate what I said.” ,

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