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Bolton: Trump will follow the process of withdrawing from NATO

Eviralnews, “John Bolton”, National Security Adviser of Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, in a conversation with the German newspaper “De Welt” in response to how Trump really thinks about the NATO military alliance, said: “I don't think so.” I want Trump to basically understand NATO, to understand the concept of collective defense organization. He has a very simple idea about it. He believes that America defends Europe and Europe does not pay for it. He does not understand that a well-functioning alliance like NATO increases the security of all alliance members.

He went on to say: 99% of Americans say that Europeans should pay more for their defense. But Trump uses the issue of defense spending to criticize NATO itself. And I think that if he wins the election, he will unfortunately seek the withdrawal of the United States from this Western military alliance.

Asked if Trump would do that, Bolton said: “Yes, he came very close to it in his first term, and I think he'll try it here.”

In response to the question of whether a collusion with Russia could play a role in Trump's position, this former American security official said: No, I think his rejection position is based on several different things. He has always criticized the unfair trade agreements between the United States and the European Union. He particularly criticized Germany's dependence on the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline and said: Why are you paying billions of dollars to a country that we are supposed to defend you against? But his main point is that he simply does not understand alliances. It is very transactional, very episodic and very ad hoc. He has no philosophy. Trump doesn't do politics as we usually understand, he sees everything as a business.

Bolton in response to the question that if Trump returns to power, Article 5 of the NATO treaty, which says that only mutual aid can be provided in the event of an attack, will be canceled? He said: Some of Trump's advisors have presented a plan in recent weeks that says we will not defend countries that do not spend 2% of their GDP on defense. This is impossible to implement, for example, if the American forces are attacked by the Russians in Poland and the Polish and American forces are pushed back to the border of Poland and Germany, the American commander should contact his Russian counterpart and say that we need a 24-hour ceasefire because Can't we defend Germany? This is simply not possible. If this kind of approach is followed, the coalition will collapse, and this shows that Trump is not serious about the coalition because he does not understand it.

He went on to say about the scenario of Russia attacking NATO members: Well, I don't think this scenario is imminent, but I think Putin gave us a broad warning in 2005 when he told the State Duma that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the biggest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century. . The following year, at the Munich Security Conference, he outlined his plan to re-establish the Russian Empire, not the Soviet Union, not a Marxist state, but the Russian Empire. This should also include Ukraine and Belarus. I think this is his point of view. And I think he has many other parts of the Russian Empire in mind. I think this means that for the foreseeable future the Baltic republics, which are members of NATO, will be most at risk.

In response to the question whether Trump defends Ukraine's membership in NATO, he said: I don't believe so. And I think that the attempt of some European governments to secure NATO against Trump is a big mistake. That doesn't make Trump any friendlier. I think the most important thing is to remember the historic mistake that George W. Bush made in 2008 when he proposed that Ukraine and Georgia quickly join NATO, and key allies such as Germany and France opposed it. I think that if Ukraine had been accepted into NATO, we would not have experienced the invasion of 2014. We didn't see the 2022 invasion. I think this is proven by the decision of Finland and Sweden to join NATO after all these years, because they finally decided that the only safe defense lies behind the NATO border.

“I think Putin feels he's in a much stronger position now, and I think he believes he's going to be in a much stronger position once Trump is in office, if he's re-elected,” Bolton said in another part of the conversation.

This former American official said about his expectations from the recent NATO meeting: It is important for people to look at history and remember that the United States did not establish NATO because it was good and because we are good people if we are different. To make America safer. And we succeeded. The only time Article V of the North Atlantic Treaty was implemented was after the 9/11 attacks on the United States. This is the case of unity that should be made clear to the American people. Other NATO members are safer because of NATO. But so are we.

Bolton said about how the allies, including Germany, would treat Trump: “It won't be easy, that's clear.” But I think the foreign leader who was most effective during Trump's first term was Shinzo Abe, the prime minister of Japan at the time. He had very important national security interests in Japan, the threat of a nuclear North Korea, and the threat of China. And he was very persistent and took every opportunity to talk to Donald Trump, in person or on the phone, and every time he talked he didn't ask for anything from him, he just talked to him. He reiterated Japan's position over and over again with remarkable success. This issue requires a lot of time. But the fact is: the more time you spend talking to Donald Trump, the better your chances. So that would be my advice.

He went on to point out that Trump had a problem with female leaders and said: He did not have a good relationship with British Prime Minister Theresa May, I think this is just part of Trump's pattern. If Chancellor Schultz or whoever succeeds him plays golf, that would be a plus. Shinzo Abe always did this. Trump is not a person to be treated like other Americans.

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