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British media propaganda for government change

Eviralnews, “Pasayr Noye Presse” newspaper wrote in an article: “Most of the British newspapers are closer to the conservatives of Rishi Sonak's party, the Prime Minister of England.” But the prime minister of this country cannot rely on the media in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

More and more media in the UK are promoting the change of government in the general election. The Sun newspaper, which usually represents conservative positions, has spoken in favor of opposition leader Kerr Starmer's party and against British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak ahead of the vote.

The Social Democrats in the Labor Party are clearly leading in all polls. The Sunday Times, which is closer to the Conservatives, and the Financial Times, a business newspaper, have already publicly backed Labour.

The Sun emphasized in an editorial: The time for change has come. The newspaper previously supported many of Prime Minister Sunak's policy ideas, such as the planned deportation of illegal immigrants to Rwanda, the abolition of the social security tax and the “teaching of harmful sexual ideology in schools”. But in the new editorial of this newspaper, it is stated that to clarify this issue, it should be said that people are tired of the Conservative Party and that this party has become a divided group that is more interested in fighting against itself than running the country.

This newspaper wrote: Now is the time of the Labor Party. There is no doubt that Kerr Starmer has fought hard to change his party for the better, even if it is not yet complete, which has largely disappeared under Starmer's predecessor Jeremy Corbyn. This party firmly stands by Ukraine and Israel. Economic policy is also moderate and should stimulate growth.

Of course, the Sun, which is part of Rupert Murdoch's media empire, also spoke of the Labor Party in the previous election. In 1997 the newspaper campaigned for Tony Blair, who then won a landslide victory.

Social Democrats in England can expect to win a record 425 out of 650 seats in Thursday's parliamentary election, according to a recently published poll.

In this way, the conservatives of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak are facing a serious defeat in the 2024 British elections. The latest polls about the election forecast for the conservatives are very devastating and disastrous.

The British Conservative Party has been in power in Britain for about 14 years. But according to experts, these days will end soon. A Conservative victory in the 2024 UK election on July 4 is considered highly unlikely. The latest polls are devastating for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's party.

Many projections have the Conservatives at around 100 seats, and Sunak's own situation could make history: according to the latest polls, it's entirely possible that she could become the first prime minister in the country's history to step down in her own constituency. he does.

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