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Canada demanded to stop the construction of Israel settlements

Eviralnews, Canada asked the Israeli government to reconsider its decision to grant permission to build more settlements in the West Bank. Ottawa declared that this action was against international law.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada announced in a statement that this country strongly opposes the decision of the Israeli government to approve new settlements in the West Bank. Unilateral measures such as financial weakening of the Palestinian Authority and the expansion of settlements are against international laws.

According to Peace Now, a settlement watchdog group, Israel has approved the largest land grab in the occupied West Bank in more than three decades and advanced plans to build thousands of new residential homes.

These actions are the last steps of the extremist government of the Israel regime to expand the occupation in Palestine. The international community considers the settlements illegal and the Palestinians say they are the main obstacle to a lasting peace agreement.

The Israels continue to occupy by building new housing units with and without permits, while there are currently more than 500,000 settlers in the West Bank.

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