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Club Ronaldo, serving the team or a narcissistic captain?

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Portugal was on the heavy side of the table and after winning against Slovenia in penalty kicks, they were unable to beat France and this time they succumbed to the Roosters in the same penalty kicks. Despite the absence of their superstar, Kylian Mbappe, the French appeared brilliant and brilliant in the penalty shootout, and Joao Felix was the only player who failed to convert his penalty into a goal, so that Deschamps' students went to the semi-finals without scoring any goals during the games.

It is far from the mind to think that Joao Felix is ​​the only one to blame for Portugal's elimination from the 17th Cup. In fact, the factors behind Portugal's elimination from Euro 2024 are more than a missed penalty. Portugal entered this competition with brilliance in the preliminary stage and friendly matches before the start of the cup and was considered one of the contenders to win the cup, but suddenly the situation changed for Portugal and there were many reasons why the tournament did not go according to their wishes and so on. which may and should not shine and the criticisms of Martins team increase day by day.

Without a doubt, one of the reasons is the complete playing of Cristiano Ronaldo. Many times Roberto Martinez was criticized for this decision, but he defended such action during the games. In this last game against France, it became clear why the media and football experts constantly talked about the negative effects of Ronaldo's style of play on the team.

If we want to analyze and examine the matter from a technical point of view, we must say that Ronaldo was never solved in the so-called Martins team's composition and style of play, and he was always seen as a wandering, confused and confused piece on the field.

The obvious tactic of the Martins team is to press from the top of the field and recover the ball in the same third of the opponent's defense. This style and thoughts of Martins seemed to be a logical, correct and smart decision considering the type of players he has to implement such a tactic. Most of Martins' students play in teams whose priority in tactics and strategy is to run a lot and put pressure on the opponent in their home field. Liao, Bernardo Silva and Bruno Fernandez are familiar with such a tactic, but the presence of a player named Ronaldo would make all of Martinez's plans go awry during the game.

The pace and rhythm of Martinez's previous teams in the past has led him to lead this list of first-class players, but sometimes what is expected of these coaches rarely comes true.

Portugal's captain, with little running, not returning to his own field to defend and his old age, caused Martins' students to appear extremely weak in creating quality chances. Perhaps it can be said that the team that has the guidance of Roberto Martinez on the bench, their first plan to score goals should be to press with high pressure and get the ball back from the opponent in their own field; In a way that the opposing team faces a huge problem in making plays and has to hand over the ball to the pressing team in order to organize their defense line and easily lose possession of the ball. But in Portugal, such an idea was less included in their game plan and implemented.

If Martinez had a bit of acumen, he could make a formidable team out of the infield and bench. A team that, considering having pieces like Felix, Conceição, Diego Jota and Mateus Nunes on the bench, implemented such an idea more easily than it was thought, but Ronaldo's limitations in the tactical matter became the cause for Portugal to implement. Your ideas will falter and face failure.

It is true that Ronaldo is the icon and symbol of Portuguese football and of course the world, but this level of attracting attention is strange and unbelievable. However, it should not be said that sometimes this tendency of narcissism and self-righteousness in a player like Ronaldo's age and age deals a fatal blow to the team and causes the team to have many problems in the long term in terms of tactics.

There is no doubt that he has acted beyond the word “brilliant” in his life and football career, but it must be accepted that with increasing age, it is natural that at the age of 39, it is no longer possible to breathe like a twenty-year-old and run at high speed. And the ninety minutes started. In addition to the fact that he has been away from European football for a season and a half, and the same as Mr. Goli of the Saudi League, let's not forget that Ronaldo has no clients in the green continent football and the Saudi League is not in any way comparable to Europe.

In any case, this was the last Euro in which Ronaldo was present, and after playing and scoring in ten important and consecutive national tournaments, including the Euro and the World Cup, he did not open his feet to score in Euro 2024 and for the first time without a goal. He said goodbye to the cup. In the last period, he was called Mr. Goal with five goals, in this period he left Germany without scoring a goal, and of course, these statistics make CR7's palate even more bitter.

However, according to Ronaldo, he still wants to continue playing national football and most likely, the 2026 World Cup will be his last national tournament.

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