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Democrats pressure Biden to resign

According to an online report, Jeffries made this call to gauge the ratings of members after Biden's disappointing performance in last month's debate. The call, which took place before lawmakers returned to Washington this week, was filled with deep concern about the potential damage to Democrats' chances and how it would jeopardize the party's chances of winning a majority in the House of Representatives.

According to CNN, according to one of the sources, the number of legislators who clearly said that Biden should not be the Democratic candidate was more than the number of those who spoke about him staying.

According to ISNA, according to three informed sources, among those who opposed Biden as a candidate, Mark Takano, Madame Smith, Jim Himes, Joe Morrell, Jerry Nadler and Susan Wilde ” They were.

Five lawmakers have publicly called for Biden to withdraw from the presidential race, including Lloyd Doggett, Seth Moulton, Raul Grijalova, Angie Craig and Mike Quigley.

Meanwhile, “Maxine Waters” and “Bobby Scott” supported Biden's stay.

One of the concerns expressed in the nearly two-hour call was that Democrats would lose their chance for a majority in the House of Representatives if Biden is nominated, one of the sources said. Also, one source said, it was generally agreed that the Democratic nominee should be Vice President Kamala Harris.

No decision on requests for a White House meeting or a letter to Biden is expected to be made before the full Democratic caucus meeting on Tuesday, aides said, but Jeffries has made it clear he'll let members have their say and make their own judgments. do

A senior Democrat in the US House of Representatives said that they have had calls and group discussions with dozens of their colleagues, and the consensus is that Biden should step down.

Many Democrats have doubts about Biden's ability as a candidate after his poor performance in the first debate with Trump.

Kamala Harris, the only alternative to Biden

In the meantime, the Wall Street Journal wrote: Prominent members of the Democratic Party consider Kamala Harris, Joe Biden's vice president, to be the only candidate who can take the place of her boss in the 2024 presidential election.
Prominent members of the party have come to a consensus that Harris is the only alternative to Biden. Of course, there are some differences of opinion because Harris is slightly behind Republican candidate Donald Trump in the polls.
On the other hand, prominent members of the Democratic Party will be very afraid of denying the nomination of a minority female representative because of the policies they adhere to.
Democrats must now find a formal procedure to replace Biden with Harris during the party's national convention.


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