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Developments in Ukraine Kiev does not accept Orban as a mediator

Eviralnews, Mikhail Podoliak, advisor to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy's chief of staff, announced in a television interview last night that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who visited Kiev and then Moscow last week, cannot be a suitable mediator for a solution. conflict in this country.

Pointing out that Ukraine may pass its ideas on resolving the situation to the Russian side through other countries, Podoliak said: “We are ready to present our proposals, which are being prepared for the second peace meeting, including Let's inform Russia through a format similar to the grain agreement. Of course, for Kyiv, not all countries, including Hungary, which has a superficial approach to issues, are suitable as mediators.

The Prime Minister of Hungary traveled to Moscow on Friday and discussed many important international issues, including ways to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, in a meeting with Vladimir Putin. This conversation lasted more than two and a half hours. The Russian president described the negotiations with the head of the Hungarian government as comprehensive, frank and honest.

Earlier, Orban was in Kyiv on July 2 and held talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Orban suggested establishing a temporary ceasefire in order to prepare a peaceful peace plan to resolve the crisis, which, according to himself, Zelensky did not welcome.

In the following, you can follow the developments related to the eight hundred and sixty-fifth day of the Ukrainian war:


Orban: Putin is more than 100% reasonable and accurate person

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, in an interview with the Swiss magazine “Die Weltwoche” last night, expressed his opinion that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is a very reasonable, measured and sober person.

Orban explained that his talks with Putin lasted about three hours. “I think Putin is more than 100 percent reasonable,” he said. He is very calm, precise and ready.”

According to the Hungarian prime minister, negotiating with the Russian leader is a real challenge if you want to maintain an “equal rational and political” level.

He also mentioned that they had agreed with Putin in 2009 that cooperation between the two countries would be based on mutual respect and added that this agreement still stands.

Orban: Putin answered all my questions carefully

In this interview, Viktor Orban also recalled that during his talks with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, he asked several questions related to the Ukraine conflict and the European security structure, and the Russian president answered all the questions carefully.

“My goal was to ask him the questions directly,” said the Hungarian Prime Minister. And basically, they were three basic questions.”

According to Orban, he asked Putin his opinion about the negotiations to resolve the conflict in Ukraine and received the answer that without the participation of Moscow, negotiations are meaningless. Putin also announced his readiness to negotiate based on the Istanbul agreements.

In addition, Orban asked Putin about the possibility of starting talks before the end of the hostilities, which the Russian president indicated that such a scenario is unlikely, as the Ukrainians may use this opportunity to their advantage and to strengthen their military capabilities.

The Hungarian Prime Minister also asked the Russian leader to assess the future of the European security system, and Putin replied that Moscow intends to develop relations with the West if there is a mutual desire.

Orban indicated that his trip to Moscow was aimed at ending the military conflict in Ukraine and Hungary's interests as quickly as possible, despite possible consequences for Budapest in the West. He also considered finding a solution to the Ukraine crisis “his duty as a Christian” and stated that as a European leader, he is able to talk to both Moscow and Kiev.

The Hungarian prime minister lamented that European leaders had not spoken to Putin in Russia for almost two years, so his first task was to find out what the president thought about the peace talks, initiatives and the Ukrainian peace summit in Switzerland. He added that the first step towards peace is the resumption of diplomatic relations and communication channels.

Slovak Prime Minister's support for Orban's peace initiative regarding Ukraine

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fitzow, who recently survived an assassination attempt, supported the Hungarian Prime Minister's peace initiative regarding the Ukraine conflict.

He wrote on Facebook last night: “As I said the other day, I support the initiative of Victor Orban, who has traveled to Kiev and Moscow in a short period of time and is trying to establish peace in Ukraine, because I believe that the conflict in Ukraine is the solution. It does not have a military. “I am among the politicians who support the immediate cessation of the conflict and the start of peace talks with the participation of Ukraine, Russia, the United States, China and the European Union.”

In this post, Fitso reminded that peace cannot be achieved with any ultimatums or unrealistic conditions. “Peace negotiations will be very difficult, but it would be better for the entire planet to replace months or perhaps years of mutual slaughter with months of hard negotiations that lead to a just peace,” he wrote.

The Slovak Prime Minister also emphasized that, in his opinion, the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine will activate the negotiations regarding the country's accession to the European Union, which Slovakia fully supports.

American journalist: Orban is the only person in Europe who is trying to stop the complete destruction of Ukraine

Tucker Carlson, a famous American journalist, believes that the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, is the only European leader who is trying to prevent the complete destruction of Ukraine.

On his social page X (formerly Twitter), he asked the question: “Why should Orban be the only leader on the European continent trying to stop the complete destruction of Ukraine?” According to this American journalist, anyone who opposes this approach is actually supporting evil and does not want peace in Ukraine.

Kremlin: Putin and Modi will have detailed talks

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced in a televised interview last night that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold detailed talks in a limited and broad combination, and their talks may be informal. also be done

Pointing out that Modi's visit to Russia is very richly planned, Peskov said: “We expect a very important and comprehensive visit, which is very meaningful and important for Russia-India relations.”

The official visit of the Prime Minister of India to Russia will take place on July 8-9 (July 18-19). It is mentioned that the leaders of India and Russia will discuss the prospects of development of bilateral relations and important international and regional issues.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is investigating the information about the killing of Russian prisoners of war by Ukrainian forces

Rodion Miroshnig, the plenipotentiary representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for war crimes in Ukraine, announced that Moscow will investigate the information published by the New York Times about the killing of a Russian prisoner of war who requested medical help by a Ukrainian soldier, and also International organizations will be asked to investigate this matter.

The Foreign Ministry official said: “All data provided by this American publication will be reviewed and analyzed, and law enforcement agencies will conduct relevant investigations.”

He emphasized that if the information is confirmed, this incident will be registered as another war crime by the Kyiv authorities, the confirmed information will be published in international circles, and Ukraine will bear the responsibility for this crime. The special ambassador of Russia also emphasized that this incident is only one of many cases of abuses against Russian prisoners in Ukraine.

On Saturday, the New York Times newspaper published an article in which evidence from the words of a German doctor of the international volunteer group, Kasper Grosse, was given about the brutality of the Ukrainian military against Russian prisoners of war.

In particular, the doctor said he witnessed the killing of a Russian soldier in need of medical assistance by Ukrainian armed forces. He also reported another case where an international aid worker saw Ukrainian forces throw a grenade at a Russian soldier who raised his hands as a sign of surrender. In this article, it is mentioned that in Ukraine, such inhuman acts remain unpunished.

Earlier, the United Nations also reported that Russian prisoners in Ukraine were subjected to torture, beatings and violence, but the Ukrainian authorities did not adequately investigate these cases.

Zalogheny will soon start his duties as the ambassador of Ukraine in London

Valery Zalogeny, the former commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, will take up his duties as the new ambassador of Ukraine to the UK on July 10. No further details have been released.

A few days ago, it was reported that Zalogheny traveled to London and will soon be stationed at the Ukrainian Embassy in London.

In early February, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy dismissed Zalogny from the position of commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He appointed Alexander Sirsky as his replacement.

In early March, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine announced that Zalogheny had been appointed as Ukraine's new ambassador to the UK. Zelensky explained this decision to Zalogeny's personal desire to work in the diplomatic field. It was later announced that London had approved the appointment of this former military official as ambassador.

The withdrawal of Russian wrestlers from participating in the Paris Olympics

The Russian Wrestling Federation announced that Russian wrestlers have decided to withdraw from the Summer Olympics. This decision was taken due to dissatisfaction with the principles of selection of Russian athletes.

The organization recalled that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) intended to undermine the principles of the unity of the Russian team by granting participation permission to Russian wrestlers.

The Russian Wrestling Federation does not expect the International Olympic Committee to react to the withdrawal of Russian wrestlers from the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. According to the Russian authorities, the International Olympic Committee intended to violate the principles of neutrality and non-political confrontation in sports and exclude those who really deserved to win from participating in the Olympics.

Earlier, in mid-June, it was reported that the International Olympic Committee announced the first group of 14 Russian athletes who qualified for the Paris Games, 10 of whom were wrestlers.

Florian Philippe, the leader of the French “Patriots” party, praised the decision of the Russian wrestlers to withdraw from the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris and reminded that the politicization of these competitions is a disastrous act and this decision is an appropriate response to these efforts.

Ukraine's request to the International Olympic Committee to cancel the invitation of the Russians to participate in the Olympics

The National Olympic Committee of Ukraine and the Ministry of Sports of this country requested the International Olympic Committee to cancel the invitation to participate in the Paris Olympic Games for a number of Russian athletes.

Also, the Ukrainian side has demanded not to accept five athletes from Belarus.

At the end of June, the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine and the Judo Federation of this country sent a joint letter to the International Olympic Committee and the International Judo Federation (IJF) and demanded the ban of 12 Russian judokas from participating in the Paris Olympic Games.

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