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Developments in Ukraine | US and NATO intention to strengthen Kyiv's air defense

Eviralnews, the United States, together with its allies in the North Atlantic Treaty, plan to deliver dozens of air defense systems worth more than one billion dollars to Ukraine and make this area a top priority in the continuation of military aid. This is the conclusion of the joint statement of the United States, Germany, Romania, Italy and the Netherlands published on the White House website.

Western countries have decided that Ukraine will receive four Patriot missile systems as well as the SAMP-T system from Italy. In addition, dozens of different air defense systems are to be sent to Kyiv, and Canada, Spain, Norway, and the United Kingdom will play a key role in providing Ukraine with air defense systems. Meanwhile, the United States plans to increase the number of interceptor missiles deployed to several hundred by next year.

“In strengthening Ukraine's air defenses, we are grateful to the coalition of more than 50 countries that are assisting Kyiv in providing security, as well as the urgent initiative to deploy air defenses that partners have pledged to support in excess of $1 billion,” the statement said. “

In addition, US President Joe Biden announced in his speech at the opening of the NATO meeting in Washington that Western countries plan to send five strategic air defense systems and dozens of tactical air defense systems to Ukraine in the coming months. Biden also separately emphasized that by 2025, Kyiv will receive hundreds of interceptor missiles for its air defense.

Previously, Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty, announced that the main topic of the NATO summit will be the supply of weapons to Kiev.

In the following, you can follow the developments related to the 868th day of the Ukrainian war:


Antonov: The first day of the Washington meeting showed the aggressive nature of NATO

Anatoly Antonov, Russia's ambassador to Washington this morning, expressed his opinion on Wednesday that the first day of the NATO summit in the United States showed the aggressive nature of the alliance.

He mentioned on the telegram channel of the embassy: “The United States and its allies continued their ambitious statements regarding militarism and the worsening of the military situation.” The Western countries, which present themselves as supporters of democracy, have once again shown their desire to impose authoritarian regimes on the world, based on the rules useful for the “golden billion”.

Antonov accused the collective Western policy of tyranny, colonialism and imposing its will by force of arms and said: “NATO riots are blindly following the path of escalating the conflict in Ukraine and paving the way for World War III.” During today's event in Washington, we did not hear a single word about peace. Military psychological provocation and demonizing Russia continued.”

This diplomat believes that such a policy by the United States creates a wide negative reflection in the world. In this way, the countries of the global South and the East have not turned away from Russia and have supported the goals of establishing a just world order with equal opportunities for development and the principle of non-disintegration of security.

He concluded: “The geopolitical revenge of the West is doomed to failure. “The world will not become a NATO territory.”

Kiev wants to cancel the ban on attacks on Russia with American weapons

Andriy Yermak, the head of the Ukrainian president's office, revealed in an interview with Politico that the country plans to increase pressure on the United States during the NATO summit to lift the ban on attacks on Russian soil using American weapons.

This publication wrote: “From the words of this Ukrainian official, it is clear that they intend to increase the pressure on Joe Biden's administration at the meeting in Washington this week to cancel all restrictions on the use of American-sent weapons on Russian soil.”

Ukraine has reportedly unsuccessfully urged the United States to lift restrictions on the use of ATACMS missiles in numerous meetings and telephone conversations. Yermak mentioned that this issue will be insisted again this week.

He added that Kyiv also needs information on how much American weapons will be sent to Kyiv and according to what schedule the military aid will reach Ukraine. “Unfortunately, the shipment of weapons continues to be delayed,” he said. “We need more weapons and they need to get to us faster.”

A day earlier, John Kirby, the coordinator of strategic communications in the National Security Council of the White House, announced that the United States does not intend to lift restrictions on the attacks of Ukrainian armed forces on Russian territory.

Orban: The European Union should take the lead in solving the crisis in Ukraine

After his trip to Moscow, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote a letter to European Council President Charles Michel and other EU leaders, explaining the results of the trip to Brussels officials.

In this letter, the head of the Hungarian government emphasized that during his visits in the Russian capital, he did not express any opinion on behalf of the European Union, which is currently chaired by Budapest. In this letter, Orban also addressed the issue of Ukraine and said that the European Union should play a greater role in the issue of the Ukraine crisis, because the United States is involved in the upcoming presidential elections.

He explained: “The political leadership of the United States is not taking any principled action to resolve the crisis in Ukraine due to the current election campaign. “The negative economic consequences of the conflict are weighing heavily on the daily lives of our citizens and on the competitiveness of the European Union.”

In this letter, Orban emphasized: “Europe needs peace”, but the possibility of achieving it has decreased due to the lack of dialogue between the parties, and the approaches should be reconsidered.

Hungary has assumed the presidency of the Council of the European Union from July 1 for six months until the end of 2024. The country has serious differences with the EU leadership on various issues, including the Ukraine conflict and immigration.

Kremlin: We do not know the content of Orban's letter to EU leaders

Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian President, reminded in a TV interview last night that the Kremlin has not yet learned about the letter of the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, sent to the EU leaders after his trip to Moscow.

In response to the question whether Vladimir Putin's position was correctly reflected in this letter, he said: “We have no information about the content of this letter.”

Kremlin: Modi has no role in mediating the Ukraine issue

In another part of this interview, Dmitry Peskov said that the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is not responsible for mediating the talks regarding Ukraine.

“Modi is not looking for mediation efforts,” a Kremlin spokesman said. Of course, everyone is talking about peace and everyone wants to establish peace. Like the Russian leadership, the prime minister is a supporter of peace, and that is why everyone is discussing this matter. »

In addition, Peskov disagreed with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who said the Indian Prime Minister's visit would hurt peace efforts in Ukraine.

US State Department contacts with India following Modi's visit to Russia

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller announced in a press conference last night that the US government had contacts with New Delhi officials in the last 24 hours following the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Moscow.

“We have been in contact with them for the past 24 hours,” he said. “I prefer not to disclose the details of these calls.”

According to Miller, the relations between Russia and India are worrying for America. Washington has expressed these concerns privately to New Delhi officials.

Russian diplomat: The Ukrainian air defense missile that was fired to intercept the Russian attack hit a hospital in Kiev.

Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, announced last night at a special meeting of the Security Council that the missile of the air defense system that hit the children's hospital in Kiev was fired to intercept the attack of the Russian armed forces on a military factory on the same day. He reminded that Moscow has repeatedly announced that it will not attack civilian targets in Ukraine.

“If we want to talk about Russian Air Force strikes that were actually carried out on Ukrainian military industrial facilities and air bases of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, one of the targets was the Artyom plant on the outskirts of Kiev,” he said. This factory is one of the main producers of air missiles, weapons and ammunition for the army of this country.

This factory is located 2 km away from Okhmat Diti Children's Hospital, so all the evidence points to the fact that the Ukrainian air defense missile, which was intended to intercept a missile fired at the factory, hit the hospital. According to Nebenzia, the missile landing near the hospital could have been prevented if the Ukrainian side had not deployed its air defense systems in residential areas.

The diplomat added that the UN accusations against Russia regarding the attack on the hospital in Kiev show double standards. “I met with the Secretary-General of the United Nations and gave him the same explanation and told him that these charges are a clear example of double standards,” he said.

The Netherlands intends to supply 18 F-16 fighters for a training center in Romania

The Netherlands will provide 18 F-16 fighter jets to the training center in Romania by the end of 2025. This was announced by Ruben Berklemans, the Minister of Defense of the Netherlands, on the X channel (former Twitter).

He recalled that as a result of the meeting with representatives of the American Lockheed Martin aircraft company, it was decided to create a European training center for the management of fighters in Romania. In this regard, the Minister of Defense added that the Kingdom of the Netherlands is ready to transfer 18 fighters to this center for training by the end of 2025.

On Monday, Berklemens traveled to Ukraine with Dutch Foreign Minister Caspar Veldkamp. During this trip, issues related to the delivery of F-16 fighters to the armed forces of Ukraine were once again raised.

Defense Minister of Lithuania: NATO's presence in the Baltic countries is to strengthen the borders

Lithuanian Defense Minister Lavrinas Kaščunas announced that NATO is strengthening its presence in the Baltic states to prepare to confront the adversaries if necessary.

He said at a round table organized by Politico and Welt publications: “We are now making progress with NATO's defense program, with a large presence of the alliance, and we are working on deploying more forces to be ready to deal with Let's be enemies on the borders of the Baltic Sea countries. But the goal is deterrence.”

According to him, the Baltic countries are trying to fill the “gaps” in the field of air defense systems with long-range weapons within the framework of NATO's defense program, for which they need to increase defense spending.

Slovakian President: Meetings about Ukraine will fail without Russia's presence

Slovakian President Peter Pellegrini, on his way to Washington to participate in the NATO summit, expressed his opinion that Russia must be invited to any future efforts to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, otherwise these efforts are doomed to failure.

He told reporters: “If we want to continue such initiatives as the peace meeting in Switzerland and other countries say that they want to continue such meetings, I think future meetings without the presence of Russian representatives will be doomed to failure.”

Pellegrini emphasized that in order to talk about peace, one must negotiate with both sides of the conflict, and many leaders implicitly accept this. He said that negotiations with Kyiv alone will be fruitless.

Delivery of more than 10,000 women's bulletproof vests to the Ukrainian army

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced at the alliance summit in Washington that NATO allies will deliver more than 10,000 women's bulletproof vests to the armed forces of Ukraine.

“During the summit, we will announce that NATO allies will provide more than $7 million to purchase equipment for women in the Ukrainian armed forces, including more than 10,000 bulletproof vests, uniforms and shoes,” Blinken said.

Earlier in the day, the speaker of Ukraine's upper parliament, Ruslan Stefanchuk, expressed his desire to see the removal of “bottlenecks in the delivery of air defense systems, aircraft, long-range artillery and humanitarian aid” to the country. Stefanchuk emphasized that Ukraine is fully dependent on NATO support and this aid should not be cut off.

Ukraine signed an agreement with the European Union to receive aid of 5.27 billion euros

The press office of the Cabinet of the Government of Ukraine announced on Tuesday that the country has signed an agreement with the European Union to receive 5.27 billion euros over the next four years under the “Ukraine Facility” program.

Yulia Svirdenko, the first deputy prime minister of Ukraine, said: “The government has finalized the agreement with the European Union within the framework of the “Ukraine Facility” program. “This is the last agreement that was necessary for the full implementation of this program.”

Pointing out that the overall support within the framework of the first program is 38.27 billion euros, he added: This money will be used to stabilize the country's financial situation. According to him, Ukraine expects to receive 16 billion euros in 2024, of which 3 billion euros will be in the form of grants.

Earlier, in late June, it was reported that Western financial support for Ukraine had reached its lowest level since the beginning of the military conflict in February 2022. In the first half of 2022, the average monthly receipt was about 1.9 billion euros. This year, only the European Union, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway and Spain have contributed to the country's budget, and at the same time, their monthly aid has decreased to 1.9 billion euros.

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