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Do Erdogan and Assad meet?

Eviralnews, Erdogan always has the habit of announcing his important statements and positions while flying in a plane and talking to reporters.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the leader of the Justice and Development Party, did the same this time and said on his way back from Kazakhstan that he may soon meet Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The media close to the Turkish ruling party have announced that Putin's mediation has gradually come to fruition and that Erdogan and Assad are going to meet in a third country. But Türkiye still has not resolved the issue of military withdrawal.

Putin became a mediator, the formula of the agreement is revealed
“Türkiye Gazetesi”, as one of the important newspapers under the ruling party of Turkey, has reported that the visit of Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan to Russia and his request to Putin for mediation has come to an end. Because Putin sent his special representative, Lavrentief, to Syrian President Bashar Assad, and after that, Hakan Fidan's colleagues in a joint delegation of security diplomacy met with the Syrians at the Hamaim airport in Syria to finalize the negotiations.

But the last hammering took place in Astana, Kazakhstan, and Vladimir Putin told Erdogan on the sidelines of the Shanghai meeting: “If you want it to come to fruition, you need to give in to the request of the Syrian president and withdraw part of your forces from Get out of Syria”.

The reporter of the Turkish newspaper asked Erdogan, is there a possibility for a quadrilateral meeting between Turkey, Russia, Iran and Syria? In response, Erdogan pointed out that such a thing is possible and wants to invite Putin and Assad to come to Turkey. But the finalization of this issue will depend on Putin's visit to Türkiye.

Erdoğan, who has always been eager to normalize relations with Syria in the past two years, has set a precondition for Bashar Assad and said: “Of course, you know that some things are necessary for the normalization of our relations. For example, the democratic infrastructure of Syria and the guarantee of comprehensive peace, as well as the need to fight against the terrorist threats of the PKK and its satellite institutions, the YPG and others.

Erdoğan has set a condition for Syria in his imagination that firstly it was Turkey that expressed its desire to normalize relations with Syria and secondly that Syria can set a condition for the other side and not Turkey! Because a significant part of Syria is still occupied by Turkish military forces and Ankara-backed militias.

He said about the current situation in Syria: “After Mr. Putin's visit to Turkey, we will witness the beginning of a new process.” During the recent years and the events that are happening in the Syrian field, everyone has come to believe that the permanent solution mechanism is important for Syria. A country whose infrastructure is destroyed and whose people are in disarray, it is necessary to stand on its feet again and end the instability.

A third country is a more reasonable idea
Recep Tayyip Erdogan sought to invite Bashar al-Assad to Türkiye. But the Syrian government has declared that there is no suitable ground for such an action in the current situation. Because part of the Syrian territory is occupied by Turkey, and after this, more than 100,000 armed militias opposing Bashar al-Assad are still supported by Ankara. Therefore, Damascus prefers that the meeting take place in a third country.

Some intelligence sources close to the Met Intelligence Service have announced that what is meant by the third country is Iraq, and it is highly probable that, in the coming days, we will witness a meeting between Bashar Assad and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.

Opposition leader Erdoğan's contact with Bashar Assad

Özgur Ozel, the leader of the People's Republic Party, announced that he had a phone call with Syrian President Bashar Assad in recent days.

Özgur Ozel, who took over the leadership of the largest opposition party to Erdogan from Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, has announced that based on the agreement he had with Assad's advisers, he will enter Syria via Lebanon in the coming days and meet with Assad personally.

Ozel stated that his main goal of meeting with Assad is to end the current differences between Turkey and Syria. Özel has already implied that Syria's position is right and that Turkey should withdraw its forces from Syria as soon as possible.

Why is Türkiye in a hurry?

The issue of the presence of more than four million Syrian refugees and refugees in Turkey has become a dangerous security issue in recent days. Because in the cities of Kayseri, Ghazi Antab, Hatay, Istanbul, Şanlıurfa and Antalya, Turkish extremist nationalists attacked the shops and houses of hundreds of Syrian refugees and set hundreds of shops on fire. Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerli Kaya announced that nearly five hundred people were arrested during these events.

Now that the possibility of tension between the Turks and the Syrian refugees has increased and Turkey is stuck in the economic crisis and is still paying a huge price for supporting Assad's opponents, Erdogan is looking to bring Ankara-Damascus relations to a normal level.

It should also be noted that Erdogan wants to benefit from this card in domestic politics as well and to present the normalization of relations with Syria as a positive national action.

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