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Don't tell me about Barcelona's offer; I don't want to hear anything!

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Nico Williams had a great year. He played a key role in Athletic Bilbao's fifth-place finish in La Liga, while also being part of the team that won their first Copa del Rey title in 40 years. In recent weeks, he has been one of the main players for Spain in Euro 2024, and this has caused an exponential increase in his value.

Williams recently spoke to AS about the last 12 months of his life, specifically talking about the impact his strong performance in Germany could have on him and his future.

“Maybe it will make more people know me. Life really changes. I have always said that I have played very good games in Athletics and they have not been seen because we have not played in European competitions. This year the situation changed. I used the opportunity I had to achieve another dream and to introduce myself to others, and to be able or try to be one of the best players in my position. This is what I try to do every day and I must continue in this direction. “I'm fine and I have to keep going.”

Williams also spoke about the support of his family, including his brother Inaki, who is his teammate at Athletic, and briefly mentioned the interest shown in him, particularly from Barcelona.

“My brother is a very important person for me. He has experienced the same situation as me. He also has offers outside of athletics, but I said I don't want to know anything about contracts or these stories. Everyone knows how I am and what kind of personality I have. I don't like to know anything because I get distracted easily. I prefer to focus on one thing and follow it. Because if I hear different topics, my brain does not work properly. “My agent, my parents and my family know me perfectly and they know that I don't want to hear anything until the end of the European Cup.”

Williams has been one of the best players at Euro 2024 and could make the difference in Spain's match against hosts Germany on Friday evening. His battle with Yashua Kimmich, who has struggled well against tricky wingers of late, will be a sight to behold.

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