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Effenberg's support for the referee of the Spain-Germany match

Eviralnews and quoted by Eurosport, Stefan Effenberg, the former midfielder of Bayern Munich, spoke about the controversial decision of the referee of the 2024 European Nations Cup quarter-final match between the national teams of Germany and Spain. Germany was eliminated by accepting a 2-1 defeat in this game and failed to win the home cup.

Effenberg said: “The scene of the ball hitting the hand of Spanish Mark Cukorella was not India for me.” This is not in dispute and Cukorella's hand did not leave his body, in fact he squeezed it. It's a big difference and for me it's the deciding factor not to take a penalty. Taylor's decision to continue the game was absolutely correct. Taylor impressed me because he made his decisions on the pitch with complete conviction and without VAR.

This former German player noted: Germany was even lucky. Kroos should have received a yellow card in the fourth minute for a foul on Padri. Shortly after that, he fouled Yamal, which was the second yellow card and led to his dismissal.

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