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Efforts to extend the trade agreement between Afghanistan and Pakistan

According to the regional office of Tasnim news agency, Akhandzadeh Abdulsalam Javad, the spokesman of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Taliban government announced that efforts are being made to extend the agreement. Transit trade of Afghanistan and Pakistan (APTA)is flowing

Javad said about this: contract extension Opta It is a necessity, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, understanding this necessity and today's conditions, is working together with the Pakistani side to extend this agreement.

Opta agreement after several years of talks and with the mediation of the former US Secretary of State, in 28 October 2010 It was signed for the purpose of expanding trade, transit and economic relations between Afghanistan, Pakistan and the countries of the region.

Referring to Islamabad's violations of this agreement, Khanjan Alkozi, a member of the board of directors of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, said: “History shows that even during the severe wars of Najib and Carmel, our transit was not blocked.”

Some Afghan businessmen are also critical of the challenges in trade and the violation of some trade agreements at the same time as the season for the export of agricultural products has arrived and the customs tariffs have been increased by Pakistan..

Omid Heydari, one of the merchants, told “Talua News” that the Spinboldak crossing is closed to our agricultural items, and many traders in the western region cannot export from it and are facing various challenges.

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