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Egypt: The war in Sudan is a threat to the region and the world

Eviralnews, Egypt's new foreign minister, Badr Abdel Ati, during his speech today at the opening of the Sudanese political and civil forces conference held in Cairo, said that the daily observation of destruction and killing in Sudan makes our hearts bleed.

He stated that Egypt is looking forward to the effective participation of all Sudanese forces to achieve the demands of the Sudanese people, adding that the purpose of this conference is to strengthen relations to stop the ongoing war in Sudan using the Sudanese-Sudanese solution, and it is also part of Egypt's efforts to end Giving to the conflict in Sudan, which has resulted in thousands of dead and wounded.

The new Egyptian foreign minister also called for an immediate end to the war in Sudan and emphasized that the consequences of the war crisis in Sudan are a threat to the region and the world.

Sudanese sources reported yesterday, Friday, that the so-called rapid reaction forces of Sudan under the command of Muhammad Hamdan Doghlu (Hamidati) continued their advances in the south of this country in the past days, took control of the third city in the past three days and rejected the Sudanese army. .

The rapid reaction forces are supported by the UAE and this country has provided many weapons to these forces in the past days. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sudan said that Chad has handed over 400 shipments of weapons from the United Arab Emirates to these “rebels” by providing its two airports.

The country of Chad is located in the west of Sudan and borders with the Darfur region (the base of the rapid reaction forces). In this regard, the government of Sudan last Saturday called its ambassador from the capital of Chad to consult with him about Anjamana's measures regarding the monitoring of the common borders.

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