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Elon Musk: America does not have a president

Eviralnews, the owner of the Tesla company and the “X” social network believes that America has not actually had a president for a long time.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, announced that America does not have a real president and that the country has been without a president for some time.

Musk talked about the political scandal of the debate between US President Joe Biden and his Republican rival Donald Trump on the X social network (formerly Twitter). He also posted an image from a recent New York Times article titled “Does America Need a President?” attached to his message and wrote: This is a real question… considering that we haven't had one of them (the president) in a while.

According to Mehr, citing Rashatoudi, since the election debate between Biden and Trump, the wave of criticism of the American president and speculations about his withdrawal from the 2024 elections have intensified. However, Biden is determined to remain in the field of American electoral competition.


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