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Emir of Qatar: We are working to end the war in Gaza

Eviralnews, Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani met with Russian President Vladimir Putin today (Thursday) on the sidelines of the 24th Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

The Emir of Qatar said in this meeting that we are working to end the war in Gaza through negotiations and return the prisoners as soon as possible.

According to IRNA, quoted by Al Jazeera, he stated: It is not acceptable that Palestine does not exist in the borders of 1967.

The Emir of Qatar also expressed his hope that the war in the Gaza Strip will end and the wishes of the Palestinian people for the establishment of an independent state will be realized.

According to IRNA, after 272 days have passed since the start of the Israel regime's aggression to the Gaza Strip without any results and achievements, this regime is sinking more and more into its internal and external crises.

During this period, the Israel regime has not achieved anything other than massacres, destruction, war crimes, violations of international laws, bombing aid organizations and imposing famine and starvation in this region.

The occupying regime has lost this war without considering any future gains and even after about 9 months, it has not been able to make the resistance groups surrender in a small area that has been under siege for years and the support of the world public opinion for committing obvious crimes in Gaza has lost.


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