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Emphasizing the compatible positions of China and Hungary regarding the Ukraine crisis

Eviralnews, quoted by “Novosti” news agency, Chinese President Xi Jinping, in his talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Beijing today, emphasized that the positions and direction of the efforts of China and Hungary in relation to the resolution of the Ukraine crisis are consistent with each other.

China Central Television reported that Xi Jinping said during the meeting: “The positions and direction of the main efforts of the Beijing and Budapest authorities (in solving the Ukraine crisis) coincide.” China is ready to continue its cooperation with Hungary and related parties in this regard.”

Xi Jinping considered Orban's efforts to advance the political solution of the Ukraine crisis as very valuable and reminded: a ceasefire can only be achieved when all major countries put positive energy instead of negative energy and instead of helping to continue the conflict, they Try to stop it.

The Chinese leader emphasized that the Beijing authorities are always conducting negotiations to stop the military conflict in Ukraine and support all efforts that contribute to the peaceful resolution of the crisis.

Orban: It is very important for Hungary that China seeks peace

According to this information, the Prime Minister of Hungary informed the President of China about the results of his recent trips to Moscow and Kiev. In this meeting, Viktor Orban emphasized that Budapest is very grateful for the efforts made by Beijing to end the conflict in Ukraine and presented a peace plan in this regard.

“Even with the military conflict taking place in Hungary's neighborhood, we value your peaceful initiative,” Orban said.

The Prime Minister of Hungary is confident that in addition to the direct parties to the conflict, the United States, the European Union and China will also participate in the resolution of the Ukraine crisis, which is why he traveled to Beijing after Kiev and Moscow.

He also noted the success of Xi Jinping's visit to Budapest in May, during which important agreements were reached for both countries. Orban emphasized that the friendship between the people of Hungary and China has been formed over generations, and with the visit of the Chinese president to the Republic of Hungary, the level of relations between the two countries has increased.

In addition, Viktor Orban announced that he will leave Beijing for Washington after his talks with the Chinese president today. “Next stop – Washington,” he wrote on his Facebook page along with pictures of his plane leaving Beijing.

Earlier, Orban called his visit to China “the continuation of the peace mission”.

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