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Erdogan: I invite Bashar Assad to visit Türkiye

Eviralnews, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, upon his return from Germany, told reporters about Syria-Turkey relations: We will invite Bashar al-Assad and I want the relations between the governments of Turkey and Syria to be the same as before. reach the point

He continued: Mr. Putin also has such an approach regarding the meeting with Bashar al-Assad in Türkiye. The Prime Minister of Iraq also has an approach. We are talking about mediation, why not with our neighbor (Bashar Assad)? We have now reached a point where if Bashar al-Assad takes a step to correct relations, we will also take a reciprocal step and we have such an approach.

The President of Turkey also said about the Gaza war and peace talks: the head of Mossad is negotiating with Hamas officials in Doha, Qatar. In the negotiations, some positive steps have been taken for a permanent ceasefire. Currently, they say that a ceasefire is possible at any moment. It means that an important news may come from Doha at any moment. But the main issue is Netanyahu's actions in Gaza.

Erdoğan continued: Israel must stop expanding the war to the region. Western countries, especially America, should stop supporting Israel at this point.

Regarding the presidential election in Iran, he also said: Masoud Bischiyan is a Turk of Azeri origin. For example, he speaks Turkish in Tabriz. But when he goes to Kurdish areas, he can speak Kurdish with them. He is also fluent in Farsi. I will call him when he returns and congratulate him. After this process, hopefully the relations between Türkiye and Iran will be much better.

The President of Turkey continued: In addition, the country that has the best relations with Iran in the region is Turkey. Iran is an important neighbor with which we have historical and cultural ties. I expect the bilateral relations between Iran and Türkiye to develop in a positive direction at an increasing speed in the new period.

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