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Exclusive news interview with Farnoosh Jafari; Will the foot of the female football reporter open to television?

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Farnoosh Jafari is the first female football reporter in Iran. In an interview with Khabarozashi about this experience, he said: This experience was definitely a good and unique experience for me. Sometimes we may think that when we reach a dream, we won't be able to handle it, but when you challenge it, you can gradually find your place. This experience was of the same kind for me and I was able to find myself in this space.

He added: This experience is a pleasant experience, especially if you master it. This happened to me well and I coped with it. Even though they entrusted me with a high-pressure game for reporting, thank God it turned out to be a good game, which doubled the pleasure of this experience for me. Personally, I have always welcomed difficult challenges in my life. For this reason, if they had entrusted me with an easy game, maybe it would not have been as enjoyable for me.

Jafari stressed about the stress of reporting this football match: I was definitely stressed at the beginning of the report and it was normal. Finally, I wondered how well my being in this position would be accepted by the audience and whether I would successfully overcome this challenge or not. It was very important not to repeat the mistakes that I felt others had in their reports in my own report. All these concerns were in my mind before starting the report, and gradually during the report, my stress decreased.

This female football reporter also explained about the feedback she witnessed after the broadcast of this report: Most of the feedback was positive, how much I controlled the game and I used the information correctly. Many people were kind and found my voice acceptable. There were some people who said that you should work more on your voice so that it is far away from the low state that is associated with all women's voices. There were some who suggested that in addition to referring to facts and information, it is better to provide analysis to the audience.

He continued: Since all my experiences before this meeting were radio reports, this feature has influenced my reporting style, and some people said that for another TV report, you should distance yourself from the coordinates of a radio report, which I think is the right point. In radio, the audience does not see the image and the reporter must report all the details, but in television, sometimes the reporter must remain silent and be satisfied with the description of the atmosphere. These recommendations and feedback were very valuable for me. In general, the opinions were that I performed well for the first report.

Emphasizing on accepting negative criticism, Jafari said: Basically, in life, I am more interested in hearing criticism of my work than praise. Respectful criticism makes me feel good and boosts my self-confidence. I feel that these reviews help me improve.

He added: Being the first female reporter in the field of men's football gives me immense joy. It's as if I ticked one of my big goals. Just a few months ago, I had no idea that I was going to report an important game in Euro 2024. Now I have reached my big dream and this experience is very pleasant for me.

He emphasized: “Adil Ferdosipour is still a role model for me in the field of reporting and more importantly, love and passion for football, and I wish we had the genius he had and has in his work to reach the ideal point we are considering faster.”

Jafari also said about the recently published quote from Ferdosipour about returning to the field of reporting: I think this is the most blessed thing that can happen to football lovers. Being Adel Ferdosipour can be a reference for all those who are interested in reporting, at the same time, it doubles the pleasure of watching football for us.

At the same time, he emphasized: “Today, we have successful figures in football reporting such as Farshad Mohammadi Maram, Nima Tajik, Saeed Zulfi and Shahab Wahabi, who are very good reporters, but they were once in the shadow of Adel Ferdosipour's name and reputation, and since he He no longer reported, these talents came out from the heavy shadow of his name and were seen. Despite these conditions, the return of an ideal and authentic voice will raise the level of reporting for all reporters.

This reporter, who got the opportunity to report on sports cameras, also said about the possibility of easing the conditions for reporting on TV: The fact is that I am optimistic about this happening. Sometimes there is a fear to take some decisions, but there is courage for the first step. When the first step is taken and the society and the officials notice its feedback, the next steps can be taken more easily.

Jafari added: Some people may still have reservations and concerns about women reporting on TV, but when this path opens up and they see that football can be serious for women and they don't just look at it as fun and entertainment, their views can change. .

Source : Khabarvarzeshi

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