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Father's message to Barça: I am more dangerous in the national team!

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According to “Eviralnews“, a father is currently in the camp of the Spanish national team. Mundo Deportivo went to the father at the camp site. The young star of Barca said that his heart is full of rest and holidays, but before that he has an important job: winning the championship with Spain in Euro 2024.

Before the Euros, Delafuente said that fatherhood has to find itself. Apparently you have found yourself?
I am very well. I have much better self-confidence. Like other children, I am full of passion for the championship and I want to make Spain's dream of winning the cup a reality. I believe that we have a team that can achieve this honor. ,

You have not been in the national team for a long time. Was this change useful to you?
Yes, I had injuries in Barça that made me fall. But I wanted to reach the national team anyway and be in camp with my teammates. I am very comfortable here and I am getting better every day. ,

An important change is that you are number 10 in the national team and you have more freedom
Yes that's right. In this post you have the opportunity to be more dangerous. In this post, you can score more goals and give more assists. Even if my passes are not scored, it opens the space for one of the other guys to score. This is very important for the team. I myself feel that I am much more dangerous in this post. ,


In Barça, your task was to collect the ball and bring it closer to the penalty area, but now it seems that your task is to bring the ball into the penalty area. It is true?
Exactly. Many of the coaches I have had wanted me to enter the penalty area more and score goals and give assists. But in the position I had in the club, it was more difficult, but in the current position in the national team, it is much easier. After all, I play with Morata in the national team, which makes it really easy for a number 10. Playing with Morata is really fun. ,

Germany's number 10 is Gundogan, who is your teammate. what do you think?
Gundogan is a player who can play in positions 10, 8 and 6. It has quality in all three positions. I have enjoyed his game since the first moment I saw him in Barça. I already knew how talented he was. I hope he does not have a good day in front of us. ,

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