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France; Revenge in the style of roosters / from Paris to Hamburg

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Portugal and France will face each other on Friday night from 22:30 at Volkspark Stadium in Hamburg. This match of the quarter-final stage of Euro 2024 is a repeat of the match of the final of Euro 2016.

Portugal; This time shed tears of joy!

No one could have imagined that the meeting with Slovenia would be so exhausting and dramatic for Portugal. Either way, Portugal made it to the quarter-finals and now they will face another difficult challenge. This time, Cristiano Ronaldo wants to break the spell of not scoring and if there are tears, let them be tears of joy! In general, if we check the performance of Portugal in the previous 4 matches, they have dropped and they have not scored in their last 2 matches. In fact, that good performance against Türkiye was never repeated, which is worrying for Portugal and Ronaldo fans. The path ahead of Portugal is also difficult and it seems that among the teams on this side of the chart, they have the least chance to reach the final. Portugal's statistics against France are not encouraging, and the possibility of losing and eliminating them will be more than winning.

France; Everyone is waiting for revenge

The French have still not forgotten the painful defeat against Portugal in Euro 2016 when they were the hosts. Although after that defeat, the Roosters have played against Portugal 3 more times and have not lost, but they are looking for a win in a bigger field. France won against Belgium with difficulty, and the attackers of this team have also failed to score, but they still have the most famous attacker in world football, who may pour his venom at any moment. In the previous game, they hit 16 out of 19 shots on goal, and against Portugal, these opportunisms may cost them dearly. If they want to avenge that defeat and perform better than the previous 4 games, Didier Deschamps should enter his team with a different plan. It is not unlikely that France will advance to the final with this performance!

The last argument
On June 23, 2021, in a Euro 2020 match, Portugal and France drew 2-2. Both Portugal's goals were scored by Ronaldo and both France's goals were scored by Benzema.

Game statistics
28) In the 28 matches between Portugal and France, the first of which was held 98 years ago, i.e. 1926, the European Seleção won 6, the Roosters won 19, and 3 games were tied.
1) In the last 46 years, Portugal has won only one victory against France, and with the same victory in Euro 2016, they won their only trophy.
3) France has not lost in its last 3 games against Portugal, which were held in the European Nations League and the European Nations Cup. One win and two draws were the result of their work.
10) Between 1978 and 2015, in 10 consecutive official and friendly games, France managed to defeat Portugal.
2) Portugal has been defeated and eliminated twice in the quarter-finals of the Euros; The first in 1996 with a loss against the Czech Republic and the second in 2008 with a defeat against Germany.
2) France has experienced the same situation twice; In 2004, they were eliminated by defeating Greece in the quarter-finals, and in 2012, they lost to Spain at this stage. The interesting thing is that both teams that defeated France in the quarter ended up being champions.
2) France has won the Euro 2 times; The first in 1984 and the second in 2000.
1) Portugal won its only championship in the European Nations Cup in 2016 by defeating France in the opponent's soil.
8) Both teams have scored 8 goals in 8 games. France scored 3 goals, two of which were own goals, and Portugal scored 5 goals.
65) With 65.2% possession, Portugal has the best statistics among the Euro 2024 teams.
90) France is the third most successful team in this field in Euro 2024 with 90.5% of healthy passes. Germany and Spain are the first and second teams.
3) France has kept a clean sheet in 3 games of this period. Spain is also a partner of roosters in this statistic.
8) Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the top scorer in Euro history with 14 goals, has not scored in this period, but with 8 shots in the frame, he is the second player in this field after Kai Havertz.

Injured and deprived
Portugal and France will have all their players for the crucial game of the quarter-finals of the European Nations Cup.

Possible combination of two teams
Costa, Cancelo, Pepe, Dias, Mendes, Vitinia, Palinia, Silva, Fernandez, Liao and Ronaldo
France: Manian, Konde, Opamkanu, Saliba, Hernandez, Kante, Xwameny, Dembele, Rabiot, Griezmann and Mbappe

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