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France: The Olympics will be held under normal conditions

According to Tasnim news agency, the head of the organizing committee of the Paris Olympics, Tony Stanguet, said that his duty is to organize the Olympics in the necessary way and should not be influenced by political conditions.

Tony Stangoe stated: “My job is not to worry, but to ensure the success of the games in any situation.” After this weekend's election, my job is to ensure that our organization is resilient, continues to move forward, and maintains our ability to deliver on the promise of making these Games a moment of celebration and coming together.

The 2024 Olympics will be held from July 26 to August 11 (August 5 to 21) and the second round of French parliamentary elections will be held on July 7. In June 2024, Emmanuel Macron dissolved the National Assembly in connection with the European Parliament elections. In recent days, news about the possible cancellation of the Paris Olympics were also published in the European media.

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