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German Star: It is very difficult to accept this failure

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According to “Eviralnews“, the frustration of the Germans is not something that will end soon. Yulian Nagelzman's team did not make it to the finals at home as the host of Euro 2024.

Despite the expectations of the German players, they lost 2-1 against Spain in the quarter-finals and were eliminated.

Despite the good performance they had until reaching the quarter-finals, the elimination of Germany is bitter and unforgettable for their players, apart from the fans.

In an interview with ARD channel, Nicholas Volkrog said about Germany's elimination: “There's no way out of this sadness right now. It's sad that it all ended like this. It's all over and we can't understand it.”

Today, Toni Kroos had an interview in which he announced how upset the German players are about the elimination: “We all just sat in silence for three hours. Then we started talking and until 6 in the morning we talked about what we could have done as a group to prevent this from happening. We're all terribly disappointed and upset because the group is so We have a good one.”

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