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Germany increases the punishment for those who attack the police

Eviralnews, according to the Tagus Spiegel newspaper, “Marko Buschmann”, the Federal Minister of Justice of Germany, wants to protect the security forces, police and rescue services from attacks by intensifying the punishments.

A draft of the criminal law reform bill released on Friday states, among other things, that in the case of resisting law enforcement officers, “the commission of a crime by assault usually presents a very serious case. This means that such acts are punishable by up to five years in prison.

In addition, when sentencing in the future, it should be considered whether the effects of the offense significantly affect the work of the emergency services or the police and operational forces.

In justifying this action, Bushman said: Anyone who puts himself at the service of our society deserves our support. “We will therefore adapt the criminal law so that we can more effectively sanction attacks against this group of people in the future, which will improve the protection of those who are 'particularly committed to our community and our fellow man.'

The reason for this legal initiative is the increase in attacks on police, fire and full-time and volunteer emergency services in recent years.

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