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According to Sports 3, the confrontation between the national teams of Germany and Spain will be an early final in the quarter-final stage of the European Cup due to the high-quality performances of these two teams in their previous four games.

These two teams are considered the most proud teams of the European Nations Cup with three championships each, although Germany also has three runner-up titles.
However, what will make the confrontation between these two teams more attractive and spectacular is their high technical quality, which, according to the statistics recorded on the official UEFA website, has always been among the first three teams of Euro 2024.

In the attack item, Germany is in the second place after Portugal, and Spain is the third team.
Germany has prepared a total of 265 attacks during their previous four games, which have resulted in scoring 7 times. They have won 31 corners, been caught offside 10 times and recorded 58 dribbles.

Against Spain, he prepared 256 attacks, scored 8 goals, won 29 corners, was caught offside 7 times and recorded 88 dribbles in his games.
In the goal position item, Spain is the first team, Portugal is the second and Germany is the third team of this tournament.

Spain created 84 chances, which led to 29 shots inside the frame and 32 shots outside the frame, and 22 shots of this team were blocked. On the opposite side, Germany had 71 chances, 28 of which were inside the frame, 25 outside the frame, and 18 of their shots were blocked.

In the number of goals scored, Germany and Spain are the first and second teams of the tournament with 10 and 9 goals respectively. Of these goals, Germany has two goals with headers and Spain has not had any goals with headers. Also, Germany scored two goals outside the penalty area and two goals from the penalty spot, but Spain did not score a goal in any of these situations.

But considering the approach of the two teams to the possession game and which one can perform better in this field during a face-to-face confrontation and take control of the game, the statistics recorded of the ball possession item during the previous four games of both teams can be interesting. Pay attention.

In this item, Germany is the first team and Spain is the second team.
Germany has recorded an interesting statistic of 92.3% pass accuracy. They have completed 2,618 passes, averaged 62% of possession, taken 52 free kicks and completed 82 crosses for a 28.1% accuracy rate.

On the other hand, Spain has recorded 91% pass accuracy. They completed 2,451 passes, had 58.5% possession, took 39 free kicks and completed 72 crosses, 33.8% of which were accurate.


The number of Germany's offensive centers is 82, and 77 centers have been recorded for Spain in this item.
But in defensive matters, given that the two teams have often dominated the game and dominated the opponent, the statistics are weaker and lower. In terms of defense, Spain is the sixth team and Germany is the seventh team of the competition, although it should be considered that these two teams have played one more game than some of the teams that did not advance from the group stage.

In his last four games, Spain had 165 ball recoveries, 51 tackles, 23 of which were wins and 29 losses, and 44 covers in his statistics.
But Germany had 161 ball recoveries, 45 tackles, 17 of which were wins and 28 losses, and recorded 57 covers.

The goalkeepers of the two teams are the 13th and 21st in the item of blocking the goal.
Unai Simon and David Raya have the 10th title with 10 saves, one conceded goal and 3 clean sheets, and Manuel Neuer has the 21st title of the tournament with 7 saves, two goals conceded and two clean sheets.
Spain is the second roughest team in this tournament with 57 fouls and six yellow cards, and Germany is the seventh team in this tournament with 46 fouls and six yellow cards.


Source : Varzesh3

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