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Germany was also forced to withdraw from Niger

Eviralnews, citing the German newspaper “Tags Shaw”, after the military coup in Niger, the German army still wanted to maintain its base in Niamey, the capital of this country, also for strategic reasons. But negotiations with the new military council in Niger broke down over these conditions.

In this way, the German army will abandon its air transport base in Niger in West Africa. This was due to the failure of negotiations on legal immunity for German soldiers with the government of Niger. In this regard, the German Ministry of Defense told the representatives of the German Parliament that this military base in Niamey should be closed by August 31 (10 September) and the soldiers should be returned to Germany.

In this way, according to the developments in recent weeks, the German federal government has revised the planned cooperation with Niger. The German Ministry of Defense wrote about this: The draft agreement presented by Niger cannot serve as a basis for negotiations on the status agreement – neither in terms of its nature nor its content. Immunity will not be granted to German soldiers. At the same time, there is not enough time to negotiate a new status agreement. It is further stated that the positions for this work are very far from each other.

It is also stated in the continuation of this statement: Therefore, it was decided to end the negotiations and not pursue military cooperation and the promotion of projects for which the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are jointly responsible.

Germany's NTV channel, citing a document provided by the German Ministry of Defense to the country's parliament, added: “The failure of negotiations occurred after the authorities and the new military council in Niger refused to grant judicial immunity to German soldiers.”

The German army has been using this base since 2013 as a support center for its military forces in Niger and Mali.

Niger's new military council seized power in July 2023 with a military coup and previously canceled the security agreements with France and the United States, which led to the complete withdrawal of American and French military forces from Niger.

This base was the logistics center of the terminated UN mission in Mali as a point of transfer of materials and personnel. The base would still open options for action in this strategically important area – for example in the case of evacuation missions and emergencies – and would also represent the German military presence. Recently, Russia has increased its military activity in this region.

In July last year, the military seized power in Niger. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius supported continued cooperation with the new military government on a smaller scale and under conditions. After coups in the neighboring states of Mali and Burkina Faso, Niger has long been seen as the last democratic partner of Europe and the United States in the Sahel region in the fight against terrorism. Terrorist militias close to Al-Qaeda and ISIS have been expanding in the region for years.

At the end of last year, the government of Niger also canceled military cooperation agreements with France and forced this country to withdraw its forces from Niger on December 22 last year.

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