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Hakim's warning to Israel about the consequences of aggression against Lebanon

Eviralnews, Seyyed Ammar Hakim, the leader of Iraq's national wisdom movement, said in his speech at the large Hosseini gathering in Khalani square in Baghdad on the occasion of the beginning of the month of Muharram: Abba Abdullah al-Hussein (pbuh) is the imam of the revolutionaries against oppression and rebellion and a light. They have been and continue to be for the right and dignity against humiliation and guidance for those who move on the path of reforms and guidance.

Referring to the developments in the region and the possibility of the Israel regime attacking Lebanon and targeting the security of Iraq, he said: No power or party can threaten the security of our country or the unity of our nation, and we will not allow Iraq to return to the scene of conflicts and disputes. political return, we pledged ourselves to take steps towards sustainable political stability in Iraq with sincere national forces and not allow any gap to threaten this stability, which is the basis of any progress and reconstruction in the country.

The leader of Iraq's national wisdom movement further emphasized: We will not be negligent in maintaining the sovereignty of our lands and waters under any circumstances.

Hakim warned that whoever wants or thinks about the goal of rebuilding Iraq, he will find men in front of him who are not afraid of death and who do not weaken in the face of threats, and their end will be at the hands of Husseini men who consider martyrdom to be honor, dignity and victory. they see.

The leader of Hekmat Melli pointed out that we say “Hihat Mana Al-Dazlah, Heyhat Man Al-Dazlah” to anyone who wants to play with the security of the country and the future of our youth.

Emphasizing that Iraq has chosen the path of peace and stability, Hakim said: Iraq will not allow it to become a source of threats to others, just as it will not allow the sovereignty and interests of its nation to be harmed, and in this regard, no matter how much it costs. be, will not compliment.

He further expressed his support for the Sudanese government and stated: We support all benevolent efforts to achieve the government's goals in the direction of moving towards the stability of the country and creating a real revolution in reconstruction and progress.

The leader of Iraq's national wisdom trend further pointed to some economic and social problems and said: The waste of torch gas in our oil fields should be stopped, the expert parties should speed up the exploration of gas fields and their exploitation in the production of electricity because Iraq It needs much more electricity than it produces today.

Hakim continued to discuss the developments in the Arab countries and stated: The Arab and Islamic world is witnessing extensive developments in all fields, according to what has been witnessed during the past decades, a qualitative transition in thinking and awareness and gaining successful experiences. has happened. Today, we are faced with great strategic opportunities for the reunification of the Arab and Islamic nations, and that this unity be in the form of permanent cooperation for the realization of common interests in the economy, energy, technological advancement, and knowledge.

He clarified that this issue requires the reactivation of the role of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and other related institutions and organizations through the activation of constructive strategies and joint cooperation in protecting the interests of nations and removing the specter of tension and disputes in the region and transferring it to sustainable interests. is common

The leader of Iraq's national wisdom stream stressed that opportunities should not be wasted because this is a danger to the security of our country and a threat to the interests of our nation, and therefore, I ask our Arab and Muslim brothers to take this initiative with us in Iraq for unity, cohesion and Adopt solidarity and build the future away from the issues of the past, as long as we have a single religion and a common destiny, good is moving towards us.

Referring to the crimes of the Israel regime, Hakim said: The danger of the Israel regime to the Arab nation and Islam is still stable, and the Israel regime is always thinking of killing and enmity with Arabs and Muslims. He is also threatening against the brotherly country of Lebanon, and in this context, he does not respect any international law or humanitarian law, but he is indifferent to all customs, values ​​and nations.

In the end, the leader of Iraq's national wisdom stream stressed that confronting this danger requires the unity and cohesion of the Arab and Muslim countries, and pointed out that Iraq was and is at the forefront of this confrontation and that this Arab country defends Palestine from its holy defense. And Islam will not stop as long as there is a vein inside us that beats for the love of Hussain (AS).

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