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Hamas called for a march of anger around the world

Eviralnews, the Islamic resistance movement Hamas, in response to the crime of bombing a school in Khan Yunis, which resulted in 29 martyrs and 53 injuries, called for a march of anger around the world.

The statement of Hamas states: “This massacre is the height of brutality and genocide of the occupying regime against the innocent people of Gaza.”

Hamas emphasized that the terrorist government of the Israel regime does not pay any attention to the consequences of its crimes and massacres and genocide against the people of Gaza. This resistance group also called on the people and young people in the West Bank to activate all means of support, support and countering the occupying enemy.

At the same time, EU foreign policy official Josep Burrell said in response to this crime: “We condemn any violation of international law and the perpetrators must be brought to justice.”

He emphasized that in order to save the lives of civilians and release all Israeli prisoners and aid to Gaza, a ceasefire must be declared in Gaza immediately.

On Tuesday, the army of the occupying regime targeted “Al-Audeh” school in “Absan” town, east of Khan Yunis city; A school where hundreds of displaced people took shelter; In this crime, according to the latest statistics of the Gaza Ministry of Health, 29 people were martyred and dozens of others were injured.

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