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Heavy pressure from Democrats to withdraw Biden from the election campaign

According to an online news report from Isna, on Thursday night, the first debate of the US presidential election was held with the presence of “Joe Biden” and “Donald Trump”, but the poor performance of President Biden, his stuttering and weak speech power caused the media, politicians and even Democrats close to this President to show reactions. Also, according to a CNN poll conducted immediately after the debate, 67% of the program's viewers think that Trump emerged victorious from the 90-minute debate.

Some Democratic lawmakers are asking Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries to secretly ask President Joe Biden to withdraw from the 2024 presidential election, Axios reported.

These lawmakers believe that if Joe Biden loses the election, the chances of the Democrats to retain the Senate and restore the majority of the US House of Representatives will be lost.

Trump and Biden debate

Several Democrats are angry with the 81-year-old Biden's denial about the bad debate he had, and this issue has doubled their anger towards the president's weak uncle. In addition, some Democrats believe that the White House wants to protect Biden from those who want him to step down.

One of the Democrats in the US House of Representatives says: “I don't know who makes the decisions!” What is it really that Biden is not in touch with the leadership of the Congress? “Now everyone knows that he may cost us a majority.”

Lawmakers also share stories of Joe Biden's dementia.

In response to Joe Biden's poor performance in the first 2024 election debate, Nancy Pelosi, the former speaker of the US House of Representatives, said that raising questions about Biden's mental health is “legitimate”.

Also, a White House official told Axios: “A number of Biden's aides are raising questions about his mental health. “They are angry about what they see.”

Heavy pressure from Democrats to withdraw Biden from the election campaign

Schumer in Congress

According to the Axios news site, Democrats who once called Trump and his supporters “stupid and crazy” now have the same opinion about Joe Biden and are fed up with people who defend the 81-year-old man.

As dissatisfaction with Biden's performance grew even among Democrats, some members of the party criticized Vice President Kamala Harris for a memo calling Democratic critics “people who have a habit of bedwetting.” took

A Democrat from the US House of Representatives said: “They tell me you have enuresis! It doesn't get any better than this!”

Another Democratic lawmaker told Axios: “Even if Biden remains in the election, he should at least show a decisive change and change his staff advisers, but this will satisfy few people and will not change Biden's age and related concerns.” “

Another senior Democrat expressed his anger like this: “The biggest mystery is, considering the great danger that was evident, why was Biden even allowed to debate? What are we doing?!”


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