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Hebrew media: Israel must admit the victory of Hamas and Sinwar

Eviralnews, in the shadow of the ambiguous atmosphere that exists regarding the Gaza ceasefire negotiations and the exchange of prisoners, and the Israel circles are talking about the possibility of the Prime Minister of this regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, obstructing the negotiation process again, the Hebrew newspaper Yediot Aharonot in an article Today, stressing the necessity of accepting an agreement that leads to the cessation of the war in Gaza and the return of Israeli prisoners, he warned that the alternative to such an agreement would be the escalation of Israel's failures.

Continuing the war means deepening Israel's defeat

This Israel media added: Accepting such an agreement is bad for Israel; Because he has been engaged in a war for 9 months and has not been able to achieve any of his goals, but he has to accept this agreement. The fact is that Israel's current actions will not lead to an absolute victory in the Gaza Strip, but will only deepen its defeat.

Ben Dror Yamini, the author of this article, stated: What the Hamas movement recently presented was an answer, not a proposal, and what US President Joe Biden presented last May 31 about the ceasefire and exchange of prisoners was actually a proposal. The Israeli proposal was from Netanyahu and we have to see if Netanyahu will support this initiative or not.

Netanyahu's confusion and indecision

This Israel writer and analyst further referred to the meeting of senior officials of Israel's security and military institutions and the negotiating team of this regime, at the end of which Netanyahu issued a statement stating that he insists on achieving his war goals.

According to this article, the statement issued by Netanyahu actually means defeat and shows that Netanyahu is not looking for an agreement; Where he says whatever deal he wants, but let Israel fight again to achieve all its goals.

The author of this note added: But this statement of Netanyahu has a gross contradiction with his own plan that he presented to Biden, and Biden put it forward under the title of a ceasefire proposal. A senior Israeli official who is aware of this truce proposal has announced that Biden did not say anything new and that the initial proposal that Netanyahu presented to Biden emphasized the cessation of hostilities. What reinforces the truth of this is Netanyahu's refusal to reveal his proposal.

Accepting the agreement is acknowledging the victory of Hamas and Sinwar

In the continuation of this note, it is stated: One of the reasons for Netanyahu's concealment about his proposal is that his extreme ministers are against his proposal. We have to admit that this deal is really bad for Israel and if it is implemented, Hamas can declare victory, but we have to accept this deal anyway.

The aforementioned Israel writer continued: “Bezalel Smotrich”, the finance minister of Netanyahu's cabinet, had the right to say that he does not approve of this agreement; Because such an agreement means giving the image of victory to Yahya Sanwar, the head of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and will lead to the release of thousands of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons. In addition to the issue of prisoners, which will be very troublesome for Israel after their release, the issue of the day after the war in Gaza is still unclear, which means that Hamas will continue to rule the Gaza Strip.

He emphasized: Naturally, accepting this deal is impossible for those who promoted the illusion of absolute victory or believed in it. We should hope for a miracle, but the level of optimism should be tempered. It should be noted that although such a deal is bad for Israel, any other option would certainly be worse.

Yedioth Aharonot newspaper stated: Israel won not only an absolute victory in this war, but not even a normal victory.

This Israel media further pointed to the losses of the occupying regime in the Gaza war and announced: 1200 Israelis were killed on October 7. (Of course, some Israel sources announced the number of dead as 1,400 and some much more than this number and revealed that the Israeli army hides the real number of casualties). In addition, the number of Israeli army casualties is increasing every day, and the settlements around Gaza have become ruins.

The mentioned Hebrew media also reported about the losses of the Israels in the northern front of occupied Palestine: in the north, where the clashes with Hezbollah continue, hundreds of houses were destroyed and are still being destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of people have left their homes in the northern settlements and tens of thousands are still displaced. In addition, Israeli companies have collapsed and their international standing is at its lowest level since 1948.

Yediot Aharanot continued: Against all this, the amount of attacks that Israel receives continues to increase, and for every tactical achievement that Israel achieves, Hamas achieves a strategic achievement. Our question is, in such a situation, what should happen in order for Netanyahu to stop the collapse of Israel?

Yahya Sanvar reached his goals

In the continuation of this article, it is stated: In exchange for Israel's inability to achieve its goals, Yahya Sinwar succeeded in putting the Palestinian issue in the center of global attention once again and raising the level of delegitimization of Israel's existence. He also succeeded in defeating Israel's normalization process with Saudi Arabia.

The mentioned Hebrew media emphasized: Yahya Senwar was also able to weaken Israel's relations with its most important friend, the United States. Therefore, there is no point in continuing the war and it only deepens Israel's defeat, and this war should have been stopped a long time ago; So that we did not need 9 months of attrition war, nor American pressure on Netanyahu to agree to the proposal he had presented, nor numerous reports about Israel's rejection of the ceasefire. What was the need for Israel to harm itself so much?

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