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Hey! They don't scream against “Israels”/ when Meta fights for Israel

The Meta platform announced it would step up its removal of posts targeting “Israels”.

The platform Meta has announced that it will begin removing most posts targeting “Israels,” where the term is used to refer to Jews and Israelis rather than to represent supporters of the political movement. will be

Instagram owner Mark Zuckerberg said in a blog post that Facebook will remove content that attacks “Israels” that is not explicitly related to the political movement, uses anti-Semitic stereotypes, or harms Jews or Israelis through intimidation or violence.

Meta's hate speech policy prohibits direct attacks on individuals based on what are known as protected characteristics, which include race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, disability, and gender identity.

The social media giant said policies that treat the term “Israel” as a proxy for Jews or Israelis do not adequately address the broader ways in which the word is used.

The policy update comes after META consulted 145 stakeholders representing civil society and academia across global regions as tensions in the Middle East escalate amid Israel's war on Gaza.

Meta has been criticized for years for its handling of content related to the Middle East, and the criticism intensified after the start of the Israel-Gaza war, with legal groups accusing the company of suppressing pro-Palestinian content on Facebook and Instagram.

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