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How have the games Bloodborne and Elden Ring incorporated the themes of parenthood?

When it comes to the concept of parenthood, there are numerous examples that are beautifully portrayed in both the Bloodborne and Elden Ring game worlds.


With their acclaimed masterpieces, the acclaimed Bloodborne and the 2022 Game of the Year award-winning Elden Ring, FromSoftware is known for creating games with rich and engaging stories. With countless stories to tell and even more to come in these titles' expansion packs, players will theorize about specific and important issues. Although some themes are obvious through gameplay or cutscenes, others require more attention from the players.

Elden Ring and Bloodborne, apart from their difficult but engaging gameplay, are also known for their mysterious storytelling and narrative. Despite the vastness of their worlds and the complexity of the in-game narratives, these two games manage to attract and keep the player's attention with charming dialogues, breathtaking battles and item descriptions. Another amazing way these two titles are able to tell their complex and historical storylines is through the NPCs and the inhabitants of their worlds. Both Elden Ring and Bloodborne have interesting characters with unique stories, most memorably the characters struggling with the concept of parenthood.

The sad stories of the parent characters in Yharnam

How have the games Bloodborne and Elden Ring incorporated the themes of parenthood?

Bloodborne is full of intelligent characters whose actions are driven by human greed and arrogance, which is why the world is in such a depressed and dangerous state. The strange creatures known as the Great Ones also play an important role, as it was through their blood that the demonic scourge spread, turning humans into nightmarish creatures. Regardless of the state of the Bloodborne world, both humans and Great Ones long for children, some of which come at a cost.

Players who defeat Father Gascoigne may recognize him as a mad hunter who has succumbed to blood intoxication. However, those who have taken the time to discover Gascoigne's story will find that he was a caring father and a devoted husband who, even with a failing mind, only wanted to kill hideous creatures to protect the important people in his life.

Players who visit a certain house in Central Yharnam can talk to the Huntress Girl, who remembers her fondly. The little girl says she and her mother often play music to make sure Gascoigne doesn't drown in the darkness and blood. This shows that despite his mind being gradually corrupted by the demonic affliction, he is able to overcome hardships by remembering his love for his wife and child. Although Gascoigne is eventually driven into bloody madness and killed by the player, there is at least the comfort of knowing that he was once a man who would gladly lay down his life for his family.

Mothers with different destinies: Queen Yarnam and Cass

Queen Yarnam of the Pthumerian race and Cass, known as the Great Ones, are completely different species, but both have one thing in common, and that is to give birth to children of strange origins. While Kass, also known as Kosm, was originally meant to have many children to fulfill the Great Ones' goal of replacing their lost children, Queen Yarnam was forced to become a surrogate mother by Bloodborne's demonic gods. Despite the dire circumstances of her pregnancy, the queen seems to have formed a bond with her strange child, Mergo. This is reinforced in the fight against him, as one of his attacks includes a Mergo scream that temporarily confuses the player.

In contrast, Kasem shows maternal instincts by feeding and protecting the people of the fishing village to ensure her child's survival. Even after death, Kasem punishes hunters who tried to infect his child for the sake of transcendence by placing them in a world of endless torment called the Hunter's Nightmare. This massive creature and the Pthumerian queen symbolize what a mother is willing to do and endure to protect her children.

The complex relations of the rulers of the middle lands

How have the games Bloodborne and Elden Ring incorporated the themes of parenthood?

Given what players know about Queen Marika and her role in the Elden Ring, her many relationships with other major characters can be described as complicated and confusing. While there is much to learn about the vast history of Middle-earth, it is clear that the demigods who rule it have been granted unfathomable power by their parents, but this power has come at the cost of many strained relationships. However, there are examples of certain characters exhibiting behaviors similar to paternal and maternal acts.

Radagon of the Golden Order and the first Elden Lord, Godfrey, once known as Hoarah Loux, are incredibly powerful heroes who can defeat anyone who opposes their wife and queen, Marika. Despite their achievements, they are not recognized as prominent figures with paternal qualities. Godfrey had no time to bond with his children as he was always fighting against her opponents under Marika's banner. Although he never made contact, he does show some sadness when holding the lifeless corpse of his son, Morgott.

On the other hand, while Radgon ignored most of his other children, he displayed paternal qualities in his interactions with his son, Miquella. The two formed a special bond due to their shared interests in fundamentalism and even gifted each other with powerful spells. Although in the end Miquella left him and fundamentalism without any resistance from her father, it at least represented a small positive connection.

Queens of Middle-earth

How have the games Bloodborne and Elden Ring incorporated the themes of parenthood?

The Queen of Middle-earth, Marika, is known for her lack of motherly emotions. Imprisoning his cursed sons, Morgott and Mohg, in the dungeon to appease the Golden Order shows that he puts his own needs above those of his children. Although her cruel actions are meant to prepare her children and the inhabitants of the world for the hardships they will eventually face, her actions give the impression of a callous and calculating mother and ruler.

In contrast, Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, at least has a relationship with her only daughter, Rannu. This is proven by the following interactions between them:

  • Rennala guides her daughter to meet her personal moon, allowing Ranni to gain power equal to her mother's.
  • After being heartbroken by the betrayal of Radagon, the Queen of the Full Moon's ex-husband, Ranni casts a protective spell on her mother.

This shows that Rennala gave her daughter enough motherly love that she was willing to reciprocate. Considering the complex relationship between demigod children and their parents, this is one of the few relatively positive relationships.

Although Bloodborne and Elden Ring have many characters with tragic pasts, there is enough information to show that some of them are willing to show care and loyalty to those they care about, despite the circumstances. There are still a lot of vague hints about in-game relationships in the story of both games, but it's not all dark after all.

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