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How many F-35 should we buy to counter Hezbollah drones?

Eviralnews, quoted by Al-Mayadin, after Lebanon's Hezbollah showed new images of Hodhod flying over the occupied territories, the media of the Israel regime reacted to it.

The experts of the Israel regime admitted: We have a problem in intercepting Hezbollah's drones.

According to Mehr, on the other hand, the media of the Israel regime announced: The time of the penetration of this drone and the time of its filming are not known. A little snow can be seen on the Golan mountains, so these pictures must have been taken after the end of the winter season. It has been 9 months of intrusion and Seyed Hassan Nasrallah has collected information and is now using it for deterrence.

The Israel media said: Hezbollah's video is proof of the power of information that Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah has. The issue is not only about observing Israel from above, but also about gathering information from the military deployment areas. Hizbollah revealed 6 strategic centers.

This media admitted: How many more F-35 should we buy to be able to restrain and stop Hezbollah's drones?

The Israel Radio admitted: Tanks and military tents and military vehicles can be clearly seen in the images taken by Hezbollah's drone.


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